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278 Responses to “Submit Strain Review”

  1. Aubrey ♛ says:

    Only Topshelf indoor and greenhouse available: Headband, gsc, master kush,White widow, Og kush, purple kush, blueberry kush, blue dream, sour diesel and many more. All top shelf indoor Grade AA bud, With strong smell.
    Min Order: 1oz If interested in ordering or for more inquiries visit us online,24hrs.Serious inquires only , no scammers,no bs,no players , no braking laws or rules..

    PURPLE BERRY PLAYBOY OG [Indica dominant hybrid]
    My newest strain bringing two of my favorites together. Big frosty, dense nugs with a delicious candy smell. Purple Berry Playboy OG was grown hydroponically from seed, flushed for 10 days, trimmed tight and cured to perfection. Great meds for chronic pain, loss of appetite, stress or insomnia.
    $230 oz;QP$650;HP$1200 – NO UNITS
    KOSHER KUSH – 2012 High Times Cannabis Cup Winner! Tight, hard frosty nugs loaded with crystals and with a smell that will please your nose! Excellent long lasting high. Great meds for chronic pain, loss of appetite, stress or insomnia.
    $220 oz;QP$600;HP$1200 NO UNITS
    PURPLE WRECK (Purple Erkle x Trainwreck) Beautiful dense, frosty nugs. Very strong nose. Grown indoors in coco and fed only the best nutes. Flushed properly and trimmed tight. Very potent and delicious!
    $250 oz;QP$600;HP$1200 NO UNITS
    EARLY SKUNK from Sensi Seeds. Beautiful frosty greenhouse nugs. Very strong nose. Excellent high.
    $230 oz;QP$500;HP$950 NO UNITS
    AAA+ meds.
    +1(937)9032725TEXT ONLY PLEASE
    You MUST BE pre-verified prior to meeting.

    Oxycotin, oxycodone , opama ,xanax, pollen , MDMA , cocaine ,vicodin etc

    Our quality is the best you can find around and we. Do email us and place
    your order.Include your contact number when doing so.Willing to mix and
    match strains.strains.
    Prefer Text!!

    Call Us +1(937)90372725

    pound for 500 special

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    ASAP Reply:

    Somebody tell me you got the best just got 50 Pounds nigga you above the rest

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    Smoke N Mirrors Reply:

    Just like my Bentely. I like it. Had me high for weeks at cheap prices 9379032725

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    Mr. Nice guy Reply:

    I just got my weed. Holy shit it is the best thing ever. I want to thank you for this Iv’e never had anything like this its so eupohoric

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    Ferg Reply:

    Good strains muh bruthuah it the strongest stuff i eva smokr if anyobdy gonna order order from Aubrey he give ya free pound wit order 9379032725

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    C4 WEED Reply:

    Nigga. How the fuck you do this shit? Fucking stop your shit is to good your Codiene and Weed, its the best shit ever.

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    Octobersveryown Reply:

    0 to 100 nigga real quick. Real quick.
    Your weed is 100. Mad respect.

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  2. Drizzy says:

    Your strains are the best ive ever had, had me high for weeks and helpled me

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  3. bigdadi says:

    We offer top quality marijuana high medicinal kush of all strains and buds, we supply to dispensaries and other individual patients who are 18 years and above we are discreet and delivery is in no time. The meds we supply will help you solve all your pains problems.

    OG Kush bubba kush master kush purple kush ultra kush white widow skunk marijuna .Red magic, Kush herbal incense, Mr.nice guy. Cloud 10, Space herbal incense, Black mamba, Spike max, Funky skunk, **** pot, Bayou blaster, Califo ia orange buds, Haiwan buds, Crunky monkey, 8-ball, Spice, Skunk1, Hindu kush, K2, Algerian herbal blend, White window, White rhino, Snow white, Pep spice 3, Jamaican gold budd, klimax, dr. Klimax, space cadet, scubby snax, king kong, kush

    *Green Crack::::::::::::: Grade: AA *sour Diesel :::::::::::::::Grade: A+ Top Shelf *Grand Daddy Purple ::::Grade: A *Sensi Star x ak47 :::::::Grade: AAA *Afghan Kush :::::::::::::Grade: A *Northern Lights #5 ::::::Grade: A+ *Lemon drop:::::::::::::::Grade: A+ *Purple Kush:::::::::::::::Grade:A+ Top Shelf *OG Kush ::::::::::::::::::Grade:A++ Top Shelf *purple-urkle::::::::::::::Grade: A- Contact is interested ,for us to know if Our price is perfectly Okay for you sir/madam,for us to know,if you want us to proceed On your Proforma Invoice Asap,before we can prepare your invoice we must have your delivery address detail which is attach Bellow and our terms of payment is 100% before delivery

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