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Medical Marijuana and Hash

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50 Responses to “Submit Strain Review”

  1. Lictor Guzman says:

    if there is a better pain likker than green crack please advice me ,I’m taking 8 pils at day of hydrocodone and is not working good

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  2. Lictor Guzman says:

    I like to try Green Crack grade ‘A’ for my pain ,I only need 20 grams ,this is the first time I’m going to use it , and I hope I can use it, otherwise I have to dispose of it properly please tell me how can get it in Texas and how much wiil cost me a 20 grams sample thing

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  3. Madman says:

    Passion 1 is a hermie strain
    Don’t waste your money

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  4. I stay high says:


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  5. Salvador says:

    does anyone know where a person can get killa crip kush clones?

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  6. jjethro says:

    Thirty five percent THC??? hahaha,such exaggeration. Old school skunk wins hands down.

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  7. jesse says:


    loving the moon cheese!

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  8. ripdog says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    Jake Reply:

    Actually, that’s quite untrue, more modern strains of marijuana are often tested to see the amount of THC that is actually in them and some strains get as high as 35% whereas marijuana from the 60’s and 70’s usually had 1-5% THC, so your “true skunk” was actually proven schwag

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    DRAKE322 Reply:

    Jake is that you? from Michigan if so this is dre. that MK Ultra excellent but i like the chocolope better.

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  9. BlackEagle says:

    I wish I new about this site way earlier. I’ve been smoking for about a year now and have smoked most of the names on this list.

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  10. Tzarnuggz says:

    Shit is loud

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  11. TheAbyss says:

    Damn…. be nice to be able to make your own all the time, great medicine to use.

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  13. oldgrowerdude says:

    my WW beat out all the Med Shops/ despenceries here in Denver but I bloom for 10 weeks instead of 8 weeks as suggested… you get way more resin and the growth stops, when hours are set to 6 hours a day or less…

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    Bill Reply:

    Thanks for the tip, I will try 6 hours after the 8th week.

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  14. Thnx&praise365 says:


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  15. Alexander Young says:

    LMAO! We shouldn’t need extra incentives to be Weeditors…It’s the best job EVER!

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  16. Benz says:


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  17. phatlv37 says:

    Yummy kind shake there. And good looking hash.

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    ripdog Reply:

    You must be either very young(stupid) or you just dont know what you are looking at either way i wouldnt want you bringing me back anything to get a buzz on…

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  18. christina castanie says:


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  19. reallycool says:

    no comment

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  20. milehigh gypsy says:

    Smoked some Critical Mass last nite, was wired like a guitar, I’m wondering if its a Sativa? Has all characteristics of a Sativa,lime green n skunky,very tasty, I’m more of a Indica type, as Iam very high strung already,,didn’t crash out till 3:00am ! Lol, thx mucho!

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  21. Kevin says:

    Purchased a strain called Blue Light.What i was told Indica Dominant,seems to be,kind of spicy taste and blowout.Does anyone have any info on this Blue Light Strain.

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  22. stonerguy says:

    omg i just found a cross my friend just made its called evening star. its a cross bettween blue dream and indica rose. awesome!!!!

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  23. stonerguy says:

    who the hell are you? doug williams? no question is stupid, get a life, and quit critizing people simon.

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  24. Denzil Duane Roper says:

    I submit my 1st review ; “Lemon Larry”

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  25. Medicalbud says:

    I found ATF! Now its hard to believe but this guy has been growing off of it for over 25 years. When it harvest ill have to tty it

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  26. C Unit says:

    I’ll review that thing but it’s got to be local

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    C Unit Reply:

    Ninja fork: that was at you

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  27. ninja forks says:

    ive read half of the reviews and im wondering is it possible to get the review for space cadet and also workin on a new strain which both the parnts are space dadet and zero callin this strain zerospace sounds gud?

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    ideaman Reply:

    how bout deep space one or saturn

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  28. Pauli-vap says:

    At present I am smoking some great Double Dream (Blue Dream x Dream Star) and Lemon Chemdog will be ready by the weekend :)
    My personal supply is growing because I do not like to allow it to get low :) also have Romulan, Candy Kush, Violator Kush, and a little bit of Blue Dream as well, but the double dream is really nice too, but all of the strains I have are kick ass anyway but I like variety.

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  29. Tom Jo says:

    Nice information and details about this marijuana type but i wanna know about Indian marijuana type and quality. One of my friend tested it and he was told me it was more powerful and testy than other marijuana.

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  30. 420veteran619 says:

    Whats up…refining fire in s.d.
    Platinum o.g. kush is awesome and should be purchased if you can find it.
    Tried some pink kush and it is now an all time top ten. MOST DEF get if available!!!
    Recently been burning down l.s.d. and holy mother of pearl its utterly unique and wayyyyy strong….

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  31. Andy says:

    Yo im a recently new cardholder in LA jus picked up on some “alien kush, alien bubba, pre 98 bubba,green crack x sour deisel, submission grappler, and some soul assassin” all top shelf bombness when i find my camera ill post but for now ill smoke until i can remember. have a good toke=)

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  32. Mitch says:

    i have recently came in contact with a couple of clones, and the person said there names were “Strawberry Diesel”, and Grandma Perch. I know the Perch one is hard to believe. When they bud I will send pics.In the meanwhile has anyone heard of those? Thanks for any help.

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    C Unit Reply:

    Strawberry diesel is a personal favorite and I will always pick it up if around. Rumor has it that someone in MI may enter their interpretation in the cannabis cup

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  33. Miranda says:

    Hey there! I am a card holder in California and just recently came across a strain called Frost Candy? Never heard of it and cannot find any info about it. I know it’s a sativa but that’s about it. I guess I could do a review if necessary :) thanks for your help. Keep on truckin….

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    Volcanobis Reply:

    Frosty Candy sure sounds like a tasty name.

    You should do a review of it :)

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  34. kramf says:

    Go sell some or trade for a camera like plz if you can afford to grow and smoke you can afford a 30 dollar camera like they call it dope for a reason i guess…

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  35. Quinn805cali says:

    Kc Blend in a long beach club i picked up sour apple Og kush.. Fuckin great

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  36. KCblend says:

    Volcanobis I love what you and other reviewers be doing here. I randomly come to this site to watch over your strain reviews, and its aways entertaining to the eyes. I was wondering if you’v heard of a breed of kush called “Apple Kush”? A friend of mine got a half of it a while back ago. I haven’t really heard of it so I figured it was a hybrid. Peace and happy toking. (KC)

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    Volcanobis Reply:

    Thanks for the kind words! I’ve heard good things about apple kush, but I haven’t personally been able to sample any of it YET. (-:

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  37. Anti-matt-er says:

    Matt, I have bad news for you my friend, I am a current card holder in MI, The MMMA requires that in order to be a caregiver or patient you must be 21. Please don’t post any reviews its not personal its just a legality thing, this site dose not need to be known for condoning the unlawful use of Medical Marijuana.

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  38. gon2thamoon420 says:

    Hello everybody. I just came across a different strain the other day when I picked up. It’s called Cranberry Kush. Has anyone heard of this strain?

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    Volcanobis Reply:

    Sounds yummy! Post a review if you have a chance. :-)

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  39. Doug Williams says:

    Dear Thomas Benton,
    We all need worker bee’s and tell your owner to give a raise to you can afford a camera. When I get up ur way, I’ll stop in so you can service me…. Still not impressed!

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  40. Doug Williams says:

    Dear Thomas Benton,

    Lay off the smoke man, if you can’t afford a camera~ I am not interested in your review. AND asking such a stupid question really down plays the importance of what they are doing here.


    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 6 Thumb down 2

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