Strain Type | Indica, PK White Widow

PK White Widow

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PK White Widow

Strain Name: PK White Widow

Genetics: Hindu Kush and Skunk

Grade: A-

Type: Indica Dominant Hybrid

Looks: Loose fluffy nugs

Smell: cat piss

Taste: spicy

Effects: happy high

Potency: On my bud system, with 4 buds being the bestest, this is a 4 budder.

Reviewed by: sharyna

Good Strain For: Cleaning stuff. Detail work.

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One Response to “PK White Widow”

  1. Buggins says:

    Sorry dude, but there is a few things off with this review.

    First of all, if you call it PK White Widow, you would assume it is a cross of purple kush and white widow. You’ve got the lineage listed as hindu kush cross skunk. That makes no sense. By the look of the picture, and the description you give of the smell (spicey and cat piss-like) with a happy high; these are common sativa traits as well, not indica dominant as you list.

    What you have here looks and sounds nothing like a pk white widow cross and could be very misleading for some.

    Not trying to bust balls here, just trying to help medical users like myself keep shit straight.

    At any rate, wish all the best things for you dude, and appreciate you taking the time to post up a review anyway.

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