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Pineapple Express

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Strain Name: Pineapple Express

Grade: A+ Michigan Medical Marijuana “T.M.”

Type: Sativa Hybrid origins unknown

Looks: looks incredible frosty, dense yet airy a perfect combination, sugar coated buds glistens with trichomes and orange hairs, good stuff close to perfect grow, ultra resinous perfectly dry-perfect cure-perfect handling by grower and bud tender

Smell: sweet rotten fruit pineapple fuel garlic onions sulfur spicy

Taste: very very very tasty… sweet resinous like a sativa hazy hashplant, fruit on the inhale hash plant on the exhale

Effects: extremely potent euphoric clearheaded up high with just enough body high-feel no pain-good for depression morning afternoon medicine or social events-not as stoney as the widow more clear headed less confusion very good social medicine-long lasting for many hours good back-end… long legs …can function with my head in the clouds-good working medicine

Potency: 9/10 for a Sativa hybrid 2.5-3 hrs would be a ten out of ten if P.E. was the most potent strain-it is the tastiest for a sativa so far-i personally like it better than Vortex because its longer lasting

Reviewed by: hottpotat0

Good Strain For: anti depression-working-social interaction-nature hikes-bedroom olympics-a great strain for any occasion except falling asleep-NOT BEFORE SLEEP TIME!

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19 Responses to “Pineapple Express”

  1. sshz says:

    I grown this a few times and have it growing again currently. You can read my smoke review under weeditors. I’d let it go at least 9 weeks……

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  2. curious says:

    in bloom now w/ she a 8wk or 9-10 wk

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  3. Bulldog says:

    I have been smoking this strain since the movie came out..I didn’t know if it was even real. To my suprise I can only get it occasionally at my dispensery. When it’s available I load up. I agree with the time frame to smoke. Not before bed. A very social and interactive high. Blue Dream is a dream before bed. Just my take….

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  4. Dcruz says:

    Just picked up some of this strain ..i have to tell you my favorite so far!! the high lasted 4 plus hours..smells fantastic very sticky..smokes great for how sticky it is!

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  5. midwestmedicator says:

    grew this strain myself and it is my favorite of all time very maui like sweet pinnapples the movie explains it good. iwill continue this strain for as long as i live

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  6. joe says:

    I smoked some pineapple express the other day and it was sooooooooo smooth!!!!!!!!!!!! It went down like air!!! I hit it really wrong one time and thought I was gonna burn my throat(im not that big of a smoker but I smoke enough) and nothing at all amazing shit!!!!!

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  7. Moria says:

    I was wondering if anyone my way had any I could buy and try? I live in Butte County.

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  8. Buggins says:

    Got a single femmed seed from Attitude with a recent order, and just cracked it a couple weeks ago. Really looking forward to seeing how this one turns out. Any input on how this strain is for stomach problems and appetite?

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    ddiegans Reply:

    grew 2 clones outside yielded just under 2 lbs..very high quality,,huge colas full of trichomes. high lasts 2 hours and im a seasoned somoker of only the finest..

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    Buggins Reply:

    how long did you have to veg for to yeild that much? I know growing outside it’s hard to tell the exact date that flowering begins and veg ends, but just a rough estimate would be cool.

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  9. Bongtrooper says:

    Yeah i got some of this and matches the review this is great weed best one i’ve had hands down

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  10. MainStrain says:

    I am flowering a pineapple express right now and it makes the whole place smell so tropical. To add to your review, it says origins unknown for genetics but a Pineapple Express is a Maui Wowie X Trainwreck. Just something to add!

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  11. Moria says:

    I live in the Sacramento/Chico Area of Cali and want to know where I can either get a clone of this or be able to pick some up?

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  12. heybeckyyy says:

    just picked up a bit of this… god is it ever gorgeous. not just the way it looks, either. it’s just all around awesome.

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  13. David Hall says:

    damn it looks so beautiful:) good strains too ha.

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  14. Bonga says:

    ^agreed.this strains flavoring is like no other.

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  15. xcel says:

    dead on review. just tried this the other week and i would absolutely place it in my top 3 favorites. thanks for the great picture, too – helped me verify it was legit so i could restock in confidence. :)

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  16. hottpotat0 says:

    we try :^)

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  17. Volcanobis says:

    Excellent review! Sampling this strain now and your review is dead on.

    The batch of Pineapple Express I’m chiefing on does not have any type of fuel, garlic, onions, or sulfur smell. Just straight rotten fruit and with a dash of vanilla.

    Everything else is the exact same as described in your review. Looks the same too.

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