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Perma Frost

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Strain Name: Perma Frost

Grade: 8.5-9/10- A-/A Michigan Medical Marijuana (patient solutions)

Type: Indica/sativa Hybrid-Trainwreck X Superdank or N.L or W.W or Ice-no kidding…take your pick-so. Oregon breeder i assume after reading up on the strain

Looks: 8.5/10-frosty crystallized well cured

Smell: 8/10-faint rotten fruit/citrus/mango/strawberry and when crushed a very light Pine floral bouquet sweet

Taste: 9/10- very lovely taste-slightly exotic incense-smoooooth!

Effects: 8.5/10- Expansive in the lungs…fast euphoric behind the eyes-upper body mostly head -creative a little wobbly spacey but creative-no red eyes-a nice 50/50 strain-effects 2.5+hrs

Potency: 8-8.5/10- 4 hits out of the zong-gets on ya quick and then takes 1-1/2hrs to plateau nice creeper was most medicated around 1 hour

Reviewed by: hottpotat0

Good Strain For: good all hours medication-creative-a little fuzzy in the head but not bad-anti appetite-energetic but mellow at the same time-not the best for pains and aches average-ingest too much and you will be taking a medicated nap with wild dreams

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11 Responses to “Perma Frost”

  1. Mule420 says:

    Oh yeah the pic shown is not permafrost

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  2. Mule420 says:

    Do not believe anything on here do you’re own research most of the people on here have no clue google or bing it and you will see what I’m talking about

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  3. SkunkWrangler says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    Mule420 Reply:

    Hahahaha I’ve never herd so much bullshit in my life

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  4. Em says:

    Definitely a creeper. Sweet, smooth smell. Very pleasant and calming effects, slept like a baby.

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  5. Bloodaxe19 says:

    Just recently bought a Clone of this strain was wondering the yeild and what it likes to be fed any info would be nice Thank’s I was told it is good So I have my hopes up

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  6. Bloodaxe19 says:

    Just recently bought a Clone of this strain was wondering the yeild and what it likes to be fed any info would be nice Thank’s

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  7. PaulJC says:

    Hmmm, the one I took just now to help me sleep is a light blueish white green like color, almost white frosty. Its a nice indica, and is now preferred medication for sleeplessness, of I have a lot.

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    Mule420 Reply:

    Not an indica it’s a hybrid mostly sativa more for daytime smoke and helps with anxiety

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  8. Ben says:

    Yeah i dont know either the stuff i had was flat light blue, doused in crystals

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  9. outspokentoker says:

    This doesn’t look at all like the Permafrost I had… but the effects read about the same… hmmmm…

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