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Pakistan Chitral Kush

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Pakistan Chitral Kush

Strain Name: Pakistan Chitral Kush (aka Purple Pakistani)

Grade: A+

Type: 100% landrace Indica

Looks: Deep purple, with dark orange hairs and deep green mixed throughout. Buds on this plant were small, but incredibly dense and heavy. Calyxes turned purple in last few weeks without cold temps, and resin production was very heavy, coating the small buds in a nice layer of crystals.

Smell: While growing smelled strongly of menthol, with a hard-to-place smell that I can only describe as stale “After 8” chocolate mints. To be honest, it was actually kind of off-putting. Once cured, the chocolate smell came out even further, and the menthol seemed to be subdued, and at this point I actually really enjoyed the smell. Very unique, and unlike any other plant I’ve grown.

Taste: Menthol on the inhale, and sandalwood/incense on the exhale. Very smooth, with moderate expansion in the lungs.

Effects: Very mellow. Absolutely no raciness or paranoia whatsoever. The first time I smoked this after a three week cure, I realized I was walking around with a huge grin on my face for about an hour. Relaxing, happy, and humour stimulating. Didn’t seem to increase my appetite all that much, so I can’t say it’s too medicinal for my purposes (Crohn’s disease), but that didn’t detract from the overall experience. This is a bud that is perfect to just relax and chill at the end of the day. Not a heavy or clumsy indica stone, and not a racey sativa, but the perfect balance between the two – even considering it’s pure indica.

Potency: Certainly the least potent in my arsenal, but not in a bad way. This isn’t a bud you would smoke if you wanted to get destroyed, but this is your ticket if you want a happy, cheerful, social smoke that isn’t going to incapacitate you.

Grower’s Notes: This was the only keeper plant out of a pack of 20 beans (from Beanho). It was an absolute whore to grow. Nothing but constant problems with deficiencies, slow growth, ph problems, etc. It was a miracle I got this one to the finish line. This is the most difficult and finicky plant I have ever grown, and I have conferred with other growers of this strain, that I’m not alone. This was the only plant to turn purple, all other phenos were very green, and not to my liking at all. Ended up cutting my losses and destroying all the other plants so I could start on something else.

With that being said, it seems that it’s an issue of poor breeding here. I have spoken with other growers who have grown this plant from Cannabiogen’s stock (the original breeder), and have had none of the problems that myself and others have had with Beanho’s seeds. Yes, this is an inbred landrace strain and as such you can’t expect the same vigour or yield as other proven hybrids, but even with that being taken into account, this plant was just too problematic to be recommended to all but the most experienced grower.

However, if you lucky enough to grow this plant, and find this rare pheno, and avoid many of the problems that I ran into, you will be well rewarded with your effort. The finished product is absolutely amazing.

Reviewed by: Buggins

Good Strain For: Relaxing, stress, depression, mood enhancement.

Pakistan Chitral Kush

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11 Responses to “Pakistan Chitral Kush”

  1. Jarmon says:

    The only problem I had was germination rate. From Ace via Seedsman UK. The ones that came up were awesome easy to grow and with a wide range of different phenotypes 4 out of 6 were purple. Two even had pink pistils! Very wide range of smells and colours. Even the effects are different between plants.

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  2. Buggins says:

    When I got my PCK, Cannabiogen was out, and so was ACE, so I picked up a bag from Beanho at Hemp Depot. wouldn’t recommend theirs. Hear great thing about Cannabiogen though.

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  3. Shamyl says:

    Where do u gt the seeds from? I live in pakistan

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    Buggins Reply:

    What area of Pakistan are you from? To source seeds locally I would think you would need to travel to the Chitral area of the Himalayas near the Afghanistan border. That is where many of the landrace kush strains originate – from the Hashish producers in that region.

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  4. cogollo says:

    weel i dont know where did you get the seeds becouse i know that cannabiogen and ace seeds have the pakistan chitral kush line, they had been workin with those pakistani genetics for years and the resuults are amazig.IF YOU WANNA GROW THIS STRAIN GET IT FROM CANNABIOGEN OR ACE SEEDS

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  5. Hghflyrjd1 says:

    Im about to pop some of these from Tropical Seeds Company.From what they say and from the pictures they have shown me,Their batches or phenos are totally purple with more of a grape/strawberry scent and taste.

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    Buggins Reply:

    Best of luck with it, hope you have less of a challenge than I did with mine. Be sure to post up a review here when you finish.

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  6. ataxia says:

    excellent review. Great detail… smoke looks delicious!

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    Buggins Reply:

    Thank ataxia. I try and make my reviews as detailed as possible to help those out there looking for the perfect medical strains for their symptoms. Appreciate you taking a look.

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  7. Volcanobis says:

    Mouth is watering!

    Excellent pictures and review my friend

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    Buggins Reply:

    Thanks very much. This was a very difficult plant to grow, but thankfully the end product was worth all the hard work and trouble. She’s certainly a beauty.

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