Strain Type | Indica, OG Michael Phelps

OG Michael Phelps

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OG Michael Phelps

Strain Name: OG Michael Phelps

Grade: A +

Type: Indica Dominant Hybrid.

Looks: Divine, looks frosty and dry, incredibly dense and chunky; trichomes and orange pistils enveloped the thick green nuggets. A visual masterpiece.

Smell: I took a whiff before I rolled it up. It is amazing. I opened the bag and the entire room was infested with the smell. It’s earthly and has a fruity scent. Also pretty minty, makes my nose hairs curl.

Taste: Again minty, but one of my favorite tastes. Still has that kush taste, however the earth side drowns it out for a rare taste. It felt like a shame having to roll it up, but what can I say?

Effects: A strong high that focuses on the temples and tunnels your vision. Forget about red bull, this fine green will give you those wings to let you glide. Truly one of finest I ever had here in Golden California.

Potency: A perfect 10/10 This is what OG is made for!

Reviewed by: HighCrow

Good Strain For: Sleep Aid, Pain Relief, Nausea Relief, Anxiety Relief,Appetite Stimulation, and flying (mentally).

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2 Responses to “OG Michael Phelps”

  1. lovekimkardasianandsourog says:

    My guy had michael phelps,sour diesel,and la confidential. I had to pick up a 7th of this stuff (michael phelps og) and dis stuff is amazing and the smell and taste is outstanding. This is most def in my top 5favorite buds now.I can’t wait to watch a good movie while smoking on a blunt of this this weekend.

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  2. dobie says:

    Ha, ha, ha, ha,! LOL!! You’re talking about a stinky dog, or stinky ‘weed’?

    How about this?

    A “Stinky” Dog who smokes “Stinky” Weed…Or as we call it in the ‘Dog World’……”Dog Nip”

    If CATS have ‘Catnip’. then us ‘Dogs’, have our “Dog Nip”!

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