Strain Type | OG Kush, Sativa

OG Kush

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Strain Name: OG Kush

Grade: A++

Type: OG Kush is the only sativa dominant Kush.

Looks: Almost a light lime green with some orange. Looks as if it is coated in powder sugar.

Smell: Sweet smell.

Taste: Very light taste. I vaporized it in a Volcano and it was quite nice.

Effects: A few hits into the first bag and my head was already starting to feel heavy. This is a night time smoke. Very strong couch lock effect. I couldn’t even walk straight. I was roaring high for around 4 hours and continued to feel pretty high for the rest of the night. This is the best smoke I’ve ever had.

Potency: 10/10 Extremely High

Reviewed by: USSMoneyClip

Good Strain For: Insomnia, Lack of Appetite, Pain.

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8 Responses to “OG Kush”

  1. Mr confused says:

    Hey howitreallyis.I am confused about OG Kush.when i grow from Feminised seed are you saying that i am not really getting true OG kush?If i grow hydroponicaly [properly]what yield should i achieve with 1 600watt over 2 Og kush plants in NFT tank.Also do you have any knowledge on strain called The church growing indoors.Look forward to hearing from you.

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  2. howitreallyis says:

    Good least calling it sativa dominant. Og isn’t a kush though. Kush means the strain is cannabis afghanica lineage(indica). Its not supposed to be a generic term and refers to paki, afghan and indian indica strains. Funny about the amateurs pissed off calling OG an indica. Obviously they look at websites and don’t do any growing themselves. The original og had 25% its been bred almost completely out. OG is a sativa..any grower knows this

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  3. thgilne says:

    Does this make u more a where of ur pain? Dang after 20 years of not doing nything I try some and thought I was going to die. I hurt so bad and taking 120 lortab a month plus BC powders. I need help. Would this help me to relax my muscles at night and not be hung over the next day? I will be vaping cause smoking it even 30 year ago made me feel awful sometimes plus it is just bad for u.

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    Mercules Reply:

    More aware of your pain? It should make you less-aware of your pain. That bud you smoked 20 years ago will not even compare to something like this. Take a few pulls from you glass tube of this one, and you will probably be asleep.

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  4. Goofy says:

    I smoked this first time back in 70’s, Kauai Island, a luau for my friends wedding. It was served alongside the smoked octopus and the tuna along with champagne and cocaine.

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  5. BREAL says:

    OG KUSH is not Not Sativa Dominate WTF!!!! and no your buddy did not make the Strain

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  6. hmmm says:

    OG kush is indica dominant. 60% indica 40% sativa

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  7. Quinn805cali says:

    mmmmm..mmmm looks good, a Nice PaPER Plane rolled with this is a great take off

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