Strain Type | NYC Sour Diesel, Sativa

NYC Sour Diesel

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nyc sour diesel

Strain Name: NYC Sour Diesel

Grade: B+

Type: Sativa

Looks: Lightish buds covered with very thick orange orange hairs everywhere.

Smell: Moderately strong, slightly of diesel fuel but moreso sweet.

Taste: Very sweet, as progressing it begins to be sweet with a very small amount of bitterness mixed in as it gets charred.

Effects: Extremely euphoric throughout in higher amounts, also made me very hyper and wanting to move even when I was laying down.

Potency: It definately creeps on you, I felt a buzz for about 20 minutes and then it all hit me at once strong. The effects lasted 1 and a half to about 2 hours

Reviewed By: Mitch

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12 Responses to “NYC Sour Diesel”

  1. Pharmd51 says:

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  2. OGkush44 says:

    Had sme of this frosty ass NYC Diesel whew this bud is a must try!

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  3. Pharmg413 says:

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  4. Pharme351 says:

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  5. jp says:

    Just cropped on this strainer bud was excellent but airy do to lighting problems etch is now fixed and new clones are growing was curiouser on the flowering time the ones I just took out looked like they could have went longer and theyvwere in for 11 weeks any advice

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  6. madkaos says:

    if anybody can get me this bomb ass shit right here contact me pleaseeeeee

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  7. freddyp says:

    A+ High. Im now coming off the high. Real good taste. Definitely a stay at home high, i don’t recommend going into the public high like that. me..i know

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  8. JetLife says:

    i just got some of this strain and its some great bud. Def should be an A. i love the smell, especially when you crack open a nug.

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  9. Dirty Red says:

    Another one of my caregivers strains. I love this bud, smells really pungent, taste is even dankier. Seems to work real well on all of my medical needs. I would put this in my top 10.

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  10. Anthony Taurus says:

    Where do you get NYC Sour Diesel? It’s either NYC Diesel OR Sour Diesel. NYC Diesel was bred by Soma of Soma Seeds. Sour Diesel was bred by RezDog of Reservoir Seeds. What you are describing sounds more like Rez’s Sour Diesel which has the diesel fuel taste and smell. Soma’s NYC Diesel has a more fruity smell and taste.

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    Mitch Reply:

    I got it from new york, I live on the east coast so thats where I get the best of what I can. I could have mistaken it but that is what it said it was when I purchased it

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    johnny puffs Reply:

    i got mine in fresno,ca any kinda bud u need can b found ther…. it feels mor like a grade A then a B+ i jus smooked on sum last nite bro

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