Strain Type | NYC Diesel, Sativa

NYC Diesel

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Strain Name: NYC diesel

Grade: A

Type: hybrid 60/40 saliva dom?

Looks: Big, fairly dense spear shaped( these were squished from the curing jar) nugs with many colors. Olive green leaves with a few almost purple leaves , lime green calyxes,goldish trichomes and also very greasy to the touch,light brown to darker orange hairs with about 10 percent yellowish white hairs . Very good bag appeal with an exotic look. These pics are from iPhone and don’t do these beauties any real justice .

Smell: Very complex fruity citrusy pine ,funk that arouses the senses. makes my mouth water .Before it was finished curing i also smelt a bit of anise in there too! Not as pungent and fuelly as sour diesels but still very stinky and is 1 of the gold standards of funky exotic buds along with the other diesels and kushes. Be careful with all diesels they will get u in trouble . Kind of stuff that you can smell thru just about any container or vacuum sealed bags.8.7/10

Taste: sweat and sour almost tarty with woody piney undertones . 9/10

Effects: Very well balanced uplifts the mind but relaxes the body, smoking to much gets me real spaced out. Good any time smoke that’s very social and cheerful.

Potency: not the strongest stuff out there but is still very good. I would say this one is about a 7.3-7.5 /10 . I am an experienced user and nothing keeps me satisfied for longer than 45 min -1 hour and this one is no exception.

Reviewed by: anonymous

Good Strain For: social anxiety disorder,neck pains, headaches,meditation, just about anything . Pretty good daytime smoke but it is a little lazy if u over do it. If I could have 5 or 6 strains that I could smoke every day for the rest of my life this one would definitely be on the list . It is the total package ! A full flavored exotic hybrid that stinks,looks, and tastes so good with a great pleasurable euphoric buzz that’s a good anytime smoke and very unique in all aspects . This strain is top notch when done properly .Overall I give this strain a 8.7/10 for it’s many positive attributes.

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8 Responses to “NYC Diesel”

  1. Roscoe says:

    Definitely the best tasting weed I’ve had. Minty and fruity, almost menthol taste. Great social weed and definitely a daytime use. Can create a little anxiety if overdone. Found myself very talkative on this too. Great if you are cooking a big meal for some people! Great pain relief for my back and good for getting things done pain free.

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  2. Epressmedsdelivery says:

    salivate automatically.

    Blue Dream Effects:
    After initially smoking the Blue Dream strain, you will immediately feel the Sativa-based effects that are associated in its hybrid lineage. It is initially a very calming and focused high that leads you to being extremely relaxed. This is a great strain to use to unwind from a long day. After an hour or so you begin to feel the Indica-based effects soak in and you will feel the intense body high.

    Blue Dream Uses:
    This particular strain is absolutely great in serving as a mood elevator for those who suffer from severe or chronic anxiety, stress, insomnia, chronic or debilitating pain and lack of appetite. If there’s anything that this strain could do, it’s definitely getting the munchies in full speed ahead mode.

    Blue Dream Cons:
    The only reported downsides of this particular strain would be occasional bouts of paranoia or dizziness, and the most commonly found side effects of dry mouth and dry eyes. Please note however, each and every individual is different and will experience a different type of side effect.

    Overall, this is a premier strain that has been considered a fan favorite for quite some time now. It is great for relief of chronic or debilitating pain and also cures chronic stomach pain. Your mind is rearing and ready to go at a fully functional pace on this one until the high starts to come down with its Indica-based effects and you’re melting into your couch. This is quickly becoming everyone’s favorite strain, so get your hands on it while you can and achieve the relief and buzz that you wish.

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  3. michael says:

    Just Got Some Cherry Diesel From Colorado And That’s Some Dank. Keeps Me Good For A Good Hour

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  4. JARED says:

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    Alli Reply:

    My name is Alli.I live in long beach N.Y.Ever since this storm I have these migraines and anxiety attacks every time smok.Or I my my boy friend starts just focusing on work and it’s not fun.Smoked all threw H.s and college then just became shwag anyway what would be a nice but that make u social and my man hard.Ty

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    Alli Reply:

    I forget mention I no no spell none too good/ so no make me see poisionions kitty Kat doggyyy. Me I boyfriend werk hard for me I so now you see pipi houze wit me mammies knuckles on da feets.

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  5. 215420boii says:

    Well my batch was kill smelled up my whole room even in the zip . I love this strain aside from purple banging!!!!

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