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NY Kush

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New York Kush

Strain Name: New York Kush

Grade: A-

Type: Indica

Looks: Light green with a few spots that are covered with thick long orange hairs. Very dry feeling as well.

Smell: Very strong with a slight scent of sweetness, I was able to smell this from about five feet away.

Taste: Extremely sweet throughout, no major taste change but certainly is a very soft smoke, goes down great.

Effects: If your laying down it can put you out on the spot but when I was standing I wanted to run and be very active. It also includes a very clear headed high that helps you focus if your doing any sort of work especially typed. This is also great for helping back problems.

Potency: On a scale of one to ten I would have to give it a 7, it creeps on you within 10-20 minutes after smoking it, it also hits you all at once very strongly.

Reviewed By: Mitch

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