Strain Type | Mr. Nice Guy, Sativa

Mr. Nice Guy

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Strain Name: Mr. Nice Guy

Grade: A

Type: Sativa

Looks: Beautiful. Big purple leafs with orange and white hairs running throughout the buds. Nice crstyal consistency.

Smell: Very fruity aroma. Like a walk through an orchird.

Taste: Very fruity and sweet as well. That’s one of the main reasons I like this strain. It’s not the most potent, but it’s a nice treat to see it come around.

Effects: Nice mild/medium high. Good for day time use.

Potency: A

Reviewed by: PhishPhan

Good Strain For: Pain. Headaches.

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15 Responses to “Mr. Nice Guy”

  1. lala says:

    Took my first hit and like it so far. Waiting for the pain relief to kick in for a toothache!

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  2. OldOne says:

    I found my answer. Mr. Nice Guy is new to me, and I’m glad to say My teaching 6th grade headache has started to ease…saving this for my summer vacation. Support Life Long Learners!

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  3. Emily says:

    Wow, not what I was expecting when this site was recommended to me from a self-help book. Informative, and if you have a legit medical purpose for it, cool. Otherwise, the movement to legalize all of this everywhere is such bull. It’s going to totally ruin Denver (seriously, legalizing this attracts the types who are lazy, unmotivated, and selfish. Look at Amsterdam and the stuff they’ve had to implement to keep visitors from wrecking the place). The gal below my mom works at a dispensary and smokes every single day for several hours. The smell is so thick in her apartment, it gives you headaches and is hard to visit her now. And now since it’s legal, even though my mom has lived in that apartment for many years and the girl downstairs has only just started subletting from the guy who owns it a few weeks ago, if my mom has a problem (which seriously, it’s hard for her living in her own apartment now), her only recourse is to move. How is that remotely fair? Further, the amount of accidents this winter have already gone up from last. Because, you know, having high people drive in the snow is a greeeeeaaaaat idea.

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    mookymook Reply:

    headaches? your other blather? self-terminate please.

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  4. rugbette44 says:

    This is what i am getting when i go back to Roseville for someone who has been smoking for 8 months now. What will i be feeling because i will most likely be sitting at home by myself watching Workaholics. and just so u can grasp my tolerance a little i got lit off my as from one hit off of purple kush so yeah not that tolerant yet

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  5. danish says:

    i live in india ,love to somke some of these beautifull budzzzz.

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  6. HoustonsFinest420 says:

    Whats wrong with good herb coming to Texas? ^

    Either way, “Mr Nice” is a cross of g-13x hashplant, and is one of my favorite strains- period. Great for pain relief- but not to the narcotic high point that will lay you out. This has a very clear,happy,enjoyable high that you feel holding at first in the middle of the top of your head. ..almost a floating tingle feeling in the center of your head,it then runs down through your body knocking out any form pain that may be present . 9/10- only reason it didnt get a 10 would be that i havnt seen this strain around in a few years.

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  7. User says:

    Had some in texas, it was a good high. but my friend who smoked it tripped out and his face turned pale white.

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    jnnnfr17 Reply:

    “texas” really ?

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  8. Ehh. says:

    I just smoked some of this with a friend the other day. I took a small hit and was immediately high…at first it was comfortable, but I started hallucinating and flipped out on the person I was with. It only lasted about 20 minutes but it felt like hours. Strongly disliked it, but that might just be because I’m relatively new to this..

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    ben Reply:

    sounds like you smoked Salvia Divinorum, not marijuana

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  9. Bryanthebarber says:

    Just got some here in indianaPolis straight from green county Cali…and j must say beautiful batch..very strong pungent smell win a very fruity tip…excellent strain. Paying 42 a p for it out here…awesome

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  10. niddy says:

    Definitely agree with the type of high… It doesn’t have the heaviest taste but I haven’t really cracked the big buds. There were some small buds, none too small. 200 a half z in Kc.

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  11. littleone03 says:

    There has to be some negatives/side effects to this kind of weed. What are they?

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  12. sky king says:

    Just got a half z . strong smelling small buds with a great buzz. Gotta love Cali ,Keep it comming to san Antonio

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