Strain Type | Indica, MK Ultra

MK Ultra

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MK Ultra

Strain Name: MK Ultra

Genetics: O.G Kush x G-13

Grade: A-

Type: Indica

Looks: See Pic

Smell: Fresh herbs and spices

Taste: Fresh herbs and spices with a very small trail of citrus

Effects: Hypnotic , 1+ hrs

Potency: NA

Reviewed by: RI_BudLover

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3 Responses to “MK Ultra”

  1. kramf says:

    I thank you for the extra veg tip … I am in week 4 and am finding the flowering stage to be slow but i am staying hopeful . I have them in a tent under 600w hp and 250w hp and a 1000w hp . 17 plants well ventilated and air moister all good I am also using the Kush Kush additive just seeming to Bloom slowly hope the last 4 weeks or so will bust out..

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    former bc grower Reply:

    in the last weeks the budz will fillin thick and dence, with loads of trycombs.I would recomend bonsi’ing the bottom half of the plant,and trimming the bottom branches aswell without cutting off the lower thick branches..i was gettin 4 oz per plant i started budding wen they were 22 inch.5 plants per horlux 1000w hps with parobolic shilds

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  2. former bc grower says:

    who ever put A- should go f them selfs because this is the number one strain that stands out in my mind wen i think of the top 3 strains ive ever grew smoked exc..
    I would say A to A+ if not A++.not a high yielding plant,verry short and clustered may need extended vegg by two three weeks,and streach the branches outword.

    “verry great but”
    its a must grow
    atleast once

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