What Are You Medicating With?

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  1. Lictor Guzman says:

    I’m using Hidrocodone 325/10 for at least 7 years .
    first was for my back pain after surgery and now continuo with pain all over my body , Some doctors say is stenosis others is arthritis,and for more doctors is just chronicle pain due to reumatoide where can I buy some of the herb that can help me to ease my pain?
    Thanks a lot
    I don’t have my picture in the internet just yet only mi pain

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  2. Oarla says:

    If you dont mind me asking Claudia, what is your medical problem that you are growing for? It sounds like youv got it sorted.

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  3. Oarla says:

    Sorry, i didnt mean to unlike and now it wont let me delete. You have a lot of stuff going on there. Hope you find the right strain to help you.

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  4. Oarla says:

    Looking for a good strain for NMO. NMO is very simular to Multiple Sclerosis MS.

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    Oarla Reply:

    By the way, im not looking for appitite stimulant as steriods are doing that.

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  5. NaMa Alonso says:

    Female Friend age 64 had a stroke that caused leftside of brain to make her think she has Parkinson disease. No appetite losing weight fast. Never used marijuana what strain would you think I should try.

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  6. rktect says:

    Wife has been medicating for rectal cancer with prescription opiates resulting in couch lock. Its time to get her off the couch and rebuild muscle for chemo but she still has pain from radiation and surgery. I’m looking for an energizer bunny hash.

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  7. Randy says:

    Thanks mo. i will try to get some.

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  8. mo says:

    Blue dream has me really impressed

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  9. Randy says:

    I am looking for a strain that wont make me hungry. Is there such a thing?

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    olav Reply:

    i use a volcano vaporizer & indica strain, works for me

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    olav Reply:

    i use volcano vaporizer & indica strain, makes really hungry!,,!

    so joint and sativa strain get u less hungry i quess

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  10. Splinter says:

    Try clicking the link at the top of the page for “Submit Strain Review”.

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  11. Brendan McCarver says:

    Im smoking on emerald. Is there anyway to post pics? Ima new strain tester. Would like to publish.

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  12. peggy says:

    I tried the chem dog and diesel mix… I love it I have cronic pain and it helps.. Just letting you all know. Have a nice high! :)

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