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Master Kush

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Master Kush

Strain Name: Master Kush


Type: Indica

Looks: Dense bright green nuggets covered in orange hairs & frosted with trichromes as far as the eye can see

Smell: Piney & Citrus Skunk

Taste: Complex Kush flavor a hint of citrus & smooth on the exhale

Effects: NARCOTIC Indica Dominance Very Heavy on the eyelids felt immediately upon exhalation some sativa attributes BUT mainly a felt throughout the body

Potency: 10 NOT for Lightweights Use Discretion when dosing otherwise prepare for a LONG NAP!!!

Reviewed by:

Good Strain For: Insomnia Chronic Pain Always the BEST from Natural Rx NM !!!!

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7 Responses to “Master Kush”

  1. FadednMedicated says:

    Sounds dank, hope mine turns out as heavy a hitter as your talking

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  2. bongtoker50420 says:

    I smoked a jay and wasnt to impressed but after going inside sitting on my bed and turning some anime on, I took 3 big hits off a 18inch bong with a perc. I was stoned for 45mins and it was very satisifying. Pleasent head rush after exhaltion, after holding for 20-45seconds,after the3rd and biggest hit and i got done couging , i was very hyper and talktive with my friend. The anime was very intriguing and fasanating to watch . I give it a 8. Wish i could get it more.often where p.s sorry about any mispellings phone’s auto correct isnt working on this site.

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    MasterxKush98 Reply:

    you probably got some bunk master kush, Ive smoked some dank and this is one of my top buds right below super sour fire OG and Yodas brain OG

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  3. Anna420 says:

    i just got some of this stuff, it is amazing for insomnia if you smoke more than one bowl. i fell right asleep without even noticing! i give this strain a A+

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  4. Trae Watts says:

    It made me very happy.

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  5. Brian says:

    One of my favs for balanced type meds. It helps with my insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

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  6. jamesrhodess says:

    we are a group of marijuana growers of both indoor and outdoor .and have license for the sales of medical marijuana.our cannabis has perfect THC for both average and ancient consumers . Presently there is the availability of all kinds of strains and buds .White widow,northern light ,afghan kush,hindu kush ,bubba kush,afghan incense ,master kush,strawberry kush,blueberry kush and many others etc .More so all our stuffs have their various flavours and THC and nothing has been added to it or deducted . We do express delivery to distant buyers and offer door to door delivery at clients destination for local buyers .

    Any one interested contact me 1(234) 205-1103 or email.. jamesrhrhodes2001(a)

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