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Master Kush

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Master Kush

Strain Name: Master Kush


Type: Indica

Looks: Dense bright green nuggets covered in orange hairs & frosted with trichromes as far as the eye can see

Smell: Piney & Citrus Skunk

Taste: Complex Kush flavor a hint of citrus & smooth on the exhale

Effects: NARCOTIC Indica Dominance Very Heavy on the eyelids felt immediately upon exhalation some sativa attributes BUT mainly a felt throughout the body

Potency: 10 NOT for Lightweights Use Discretion when dosing otherwise prepare for a LONG NAP!!!

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Good Strain For: Insomnia Chronic Pain Always the BEST from Natural Rx NM !!!!

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2 Responses to “Master Kush”

  1. bongtoker50420 says:

    I smoked a jay and wasnt to impressed but after going inside sitting on my bed and turning some anime on, I took 3 big hits off a 18inch bong with a perc. I was stoned for 45mins and it was very satisifying. Pleasent head rush after exhaltion, after holding for 20-45seconds,after the3rd and biggest hit and i got done couging , i was very hyper and talktive with my friend. The anime was very intriguing and fasanating to watch . I give it a 8. Wish i could get it more.often where p.s sorry about any mispellings phone’s auto correct isnt working on this site.

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  2. FadednMedicated says:

    Sounds dank, hope mine turns out as heavy a hitter as your talking

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