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Strain Name: Mamasan

Grade: A+++

Type: 60/40 Sativa dominant

Looks: very crystally, a slight amount of orange almost red hairs. Looks amazing!

Smell: a very herbal dank smell, a hint of fruit, possibly banana, overall
Very pleasing.

Taste: a earthy taste upon exhale slightly touched by fruity undertones, and maybe a dab of vanilla, very smooth.

Effects: A very nice mellow euphoric high, extremely smooth and clean high. At first the head high comes in almost within two minutes of smoking and after about five-eight minutes the high completely progresses throughout the body. Starting from the head and then flowing everywhere else. The whole high is not overwhelming and it doesn’t put you in a couch lock, great for a day time relaxing medication.

Beware: keep some water close! The cotton mouth hits medium hard, it’s not unbearable and you can push through it but it’s definitely noticeable.

Potency: 9/10 I smoked maybe half a bowl and I feel great, my upper chest pain is completely relieved and I’m feeling very mobile. Typically 18-22% thc however this batch was tested at 23%
I just smoked a joint of this and let’s just say I’m feeling great, super mellow

Reviewed by: Rado Bud Master

Good strain for: pain relief, day time medication, evening medication, (I would say this bud most likely would be great for insomnia do to the great relaxation of the indica but I haven’t used it for sleep medicating yet)

Overall: Great hybrid, very well grown and trimmed, I will be getting more :).
Proud to say it’s a Colorado native strain!

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