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LA Confidential

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LA Confidential

Strain Name: LA Confidential

Grade: A

Type: Hybrid

Looks: Dark green dense buds with very dark red hair. Small leaves wrapped around the buds with crystals. Does not look very appealing to the eye, looks like regs.

Smell: Mild smell in the jar, but when it’s broken up it smells very strong, like a freshly ran over skunk and pine trees. Hints of diesel fuel exhaust.

Taste: It tastes how a fresh pine tree forest smell’s after in rains all day. Hints of skunk on exhale. Thick vapor that is not harsh.

Effects: Night time use. Immediately felt my eyes drooping after the third hit. The indicia genetics can be felt immediately. Provides instant soothing relaxation and strong anti-anxiety effects. Strong zooted effect provided great concentration for the first hour. Felt dazed and confused after the first hour, concentration was gone after that point. Good strain for insomnia and anxiety.

Potency: Strong

Reviewed By: Volcanobis

LA Confidential

LA ConfidentialThis particular batch of LA confidential looks like regs, very unappealing to the eye. But the taste, smell and potency are far from regs and provided strong medicinal effects instantly. My weedar almost had me pass on this strain, but I’m sure glad I gripped the taster. When I smelled the pine tree’s I knew it was the killer. -Volcanobis

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9 Responses to “LA Confidential”

  1. your mom says:

    You guys are rite. That’s shits bunk, sold in fake ass socal.

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  2. Fiona says:

    Very impressed with this strain as it is excellent for relaxing, pain relief. Feels like a warm day at the beach.

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  3. jlava420 says:

    our batch had a strong piney smell, purp, and frost, the potency was VERY nice(dro grown)actually had to have quitea a good visual high, VERY good for anxiety relief, chronic pain, Anxiety, or eating problems. Cheap but VERY effective for the price.

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  4. Weed411 says:

    Stuff was a great smoke. Only took 1 toke and felt pretty good instantly. Of course I have other responsibilities so I cant get to crazy,lol. It’s early morning and I feel calm and relaxed ready to start my day.

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  5. DramaQueen says:

    I see seeds in therrrre.

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  6. Rastarick says:

    Totally outdoor!!! Mine is frosty and purplish everytime!!! Awesome stuff ;)

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  7. Ze Chroniq says:

    That looks seriously Outdoor…all the LA Con i’ve seen has been dense, frosty, and often times with a hint of purple. One of my favorites, this appears to be a poor imititation.

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  8. thedevilslettuce says:

    looks like my reggie that go’s for 20 a quad!

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  9. CaliBuddaSmoker says:

    Anywhere from 10-20 a G but thats here in SoCal.

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