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Strain Name: Kryptonite

Grade: B+

Type: Indica

Genetics: from the OG Kush Strain

Looks: light green absolutely doused in THC crystals

Smell: very pungent skunky/og kush smell

Taste: The taste is very smooth but has a chemical aftertaste

Effects: makes you very slow and focused on one thing.

Potency: very heavy high. almost immediate and very long lasting

Reviewed by: GanjaMaster70

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14 Responses to “Kryptonite”

  1. Master Fetus says:

    This shit…Oh, this shit…
    I am so stoned, right now… xD
    Love this bud. >:3

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  2. Weedman,bongman 22 says:

    Ok , i smoke this shit right now and i am STONED !!!! INDICA LOVE IT ! weelll wats a chimical after tast …? i no have a chimical after tast and i growing a Kriptonite in my home !

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  3. dave,. says:

    very nice bud :D-

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  4. BLOW IT ALL says:


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  5. D.J. Jester says:

    When I smoked this, we were playing Shining Force on the Sega Genesis. I immediately started having a virtual reality without the special goggles. High lasted a very long time. Caughed alot. Its hard to smoke an entire joint of this.

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    Tokken Reply:

    Dj Jester… it sounds so familiar, let me ask u something, do u like do alota graffiti?

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  6. Sirsmokealot says:

    Just picked up 2 oz of krypto and 2 oz of skywalker and all I can say is damn definitely one of my new fav strains

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  7. Wantbigbuds says:

    Kryptonite is just killer. This ma be q old thread but I had to give my 2cents. Has a old school skunk smell and sweet taste. Very heave Indaca if you get a good batch. I have had both top shelf and mid grade kryponite so if you get the top shelf you will be very happy.

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  8. fernando says:

    criptonita is da shit and taste so good,tnks god for esta plantita!!! But I want to try the grand daddy purp ,so anybody know it hook me up

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  9. Smoothsmoke says:

    I grow krypto. Its a wonderfull plant. Big yields. Big buds surounded by red hairs and tons of crystals. Smoke is very smooth, no chemical after taste. Don’t know what ganjamaster is talkn about. Its a good indica for daily smoke. Iam a sativa guy and ill smoke this during the day if no sativa is around. Its not heavy like most indicas.

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    fernando Reply:

    Man how u can hook me st sum of u kripto

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  10. Quinn805cali says:

    they say its from the OG Kush Strain perhaps SFV OG = San Fernando Valley OG a.k.a. 818 OG..

    but have a 4×8 table with the krip and half the table og… they look nothing alike and smell nothing alike.. the krip has a great yeild fuckin fat.. cola’s

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  11. thedevilslettuce says:

    you weeditors suck balls!!!!!

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  12. Ericaezwider says:

    og kush and what other strand??

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