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King’s Kush

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King's Kush

Strain Name: King’s Kush, KMK Kush

Grade: A++

Type: 80% OG Kush (Indica) x 20% DJ Bobby B’s Deep-Dark Purps (Sativa)

Genetics: OG Kush x DJ Bobby B’s Purps.

Looks: Beautiful deep green petals with purple in the center of many of the petals, covered with long, twisting, bright orange hairs, and CAKED with long pistols that are just BLASTED with sparkling trichs. So beautiful.

Smell: Stick your nose in the jar and you’ll think your nose is over a bottle of Pine-Sol. Straight Pine-Sol (That’s the power of weed, baby!) It’s super dank though. I opened my jar to put a little nug in my pill jar for discin and closed it immediatly. I went to the bathroom, took a leak, walked back into my room and had to open my windows. The strong is powerful.

Taste: Fruity, piney inhale. Tastes like Sour Diesel on the FIRST exhale, every exhale after is different after that, no joke. The taste is like no other bud.

Effects: FUCKING STONED!! Two hits and I’m gone. I’m a pretty regular smoker. Wow, all I can really say. Couchlock for sure though, don’t plan on doing anything if your planning on a joint or a fat bowl. Anything more and your eyes will start burning. That’s when you know you wont be moving anytime soon.

Potency: STRONG!!!!!! Use with caution. Not for new smokers by any means. If you smoke shawg dirt regs this bud will knock you on your ass for a good while after one hit.

Reviewed by: Kottonmouthking420

Good Strain For: Relaxing

King's Kush

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13 Responses to “King’s Kush”

  1. Logan says:

    One of my favorite strains for sure, some of the best smelling weed out there.

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  2. thomas says:

    really really strong bud ! Beautiful looks and taste .

    Damn , that was an epic eight

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  3. Toasty says:

    Has anyone grown it? Everything from Greenhouse seeds (if ya can get ’em to germ, especially the painted ones) is CRAP! I have seen a few good SLH, but your still taking your chances. These guys are still sucking of Shanti’s tit. The peps here seem to have snoked, but not grown it. I seriously doubt its GH Kings Kush. If ya can get it to grow, and it’s not a hermi, anyone would be lucky to get a couple oz tops off a 1k grow. Shit, and no commericial grower would grow this garbage.

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  4. justin says:

    just got another halfof this, in fact the last 4 ounces have been this strain and i love it! itis a very couch locking high which i like.

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  5. dan says:

    if you read its 80% indica 20% sativa

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  6. Jeff says:

    OG Kush is not a “Kush” in the purest sense. Kush is just used as a brand name here. I got it. I think its strange to get a couch lock from a sativa dominant plant. Indicas are usually all “body.” So OG is a heady indica? Strange…

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  7. organicgangster says:

    og kush is a sativa dominant hybrid. and yeah of course kushs are pure indicas but contrary to the name og kush is not a real kush. probably only 25% kush in it. people just called it kush for some reason. but yeah its a sativa dominant hybrid although some phenos are indica dominant.

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  8. Trapt says:

    Just look at snoopdoggs face and tell me if it looks like an upper, or a downer.. INDICA… Although, it IS possible to make a CROSS with OG Kush to make a sativa… Like Kushage… Sage x OG Kush, and awesome..

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  9. Ballshack says:

    Yea but I though OG Kush was a hybrid that was sativa dominant..? Idk correct me if im wrong I wanna know the truth xD

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  10. Anonymous says:

    I thought OG Kush was Sativa?

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    Jeff Reply:

    There isn’t any Kush that is Sativa. Indica comes from the Kush Valley of Afghanistan. Kush’s are Indica’s always.

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    Buggins Reply:

    There isn’t any TRUE kush that is Sativa. Problem is, people call everything Kush these days, many of which have absolutley nothing to do with the Afghan and Pakistani origins of the real kush plants.

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    DontTrip Reply:

    What a dumb ass.

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