Strain Type | Indica, K.O Kush

K.O Kush

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Strain Name: K.O Kush

Genetics: Killa Kush x Herijuana

Breeder: Sannies Seeds

Grade: A+

Type: Indica Dominate

Looks: Hard thick light to dark green buds coated in many crystals.

Smell: Smells like skunky, earthy, spices.

Taste: Kinda earthy with hint of spice.

Effects: Hunger, Calming/Relaxing, Drowsiness.

Potency: HIGH (10/10)

Reviewed by: Phill – Phill42083

Good Strain For: Appetite Stimulant, General Anxiety Disorders, Insomnia, Head aches, and other mild aches and pains.

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9 Responses to “K.O Kush”

  1. jonnyblaze says:

    shitty pictures shitty bud if it’s actually really weed in the first place don’t ever post no bullshit like that on this website again you must have forgot the name of this website medical marijuana

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  2. bws420 says:

    And furthermore that actually just looks like a lazy trim job. Probably the real deal. Just bad, and I mean BAD, representation of the actual strain. Ko kush is phenomenal

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  3. bws420 says:

    Given the picture is terrible however the actual ko kush is very very very very very very good. Its in my top 3 no doubt!

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  4. Jake workman says:

    Wow I live in ky and that makes the swhag look like KGB sorry to whomever got thIs but I hope you dident pay more than 2 bucks for that

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  5. Logan mvick says:

    I dont think i’d smoke that bud if someone paid me.

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  6. The SLC Smoker says:

    Damn son you been gettin played cause that is some shwag or somethin, look at those stems, always remember, just cause its colorful, that doesnt mean its some true high grade Medical Marijuana. You member what site this is right?

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    bws420 Reply:

    Yeah its pretty obvious that you haven’t seen real medical marijuana when it hasn’t been trimmed. So quit acting like you know something. When you have probably never been within 100 feet of an actual plant. The buds just don’t magically come out leafless ya dumb hick.

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  7. ideaman says:

    wtf is up with those pics

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  8. CASH3N says:

    shitty pictures, shitty bud

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