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Juicy Fruit

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Juicy Fruit Marijuana

Juicy Fruit

Strain Name: Juicy Fruit

Grade: A+

Type: Hybrid, Sativa Dominant

Looks: Nice And Dense, Light Green Buds Frosted over with Trichs and small light orange hairs woven through.

Smell: Smells very Fruity but with a dairy smell as well kind of like a Fruit Yogurt.

Taste: Taste like Juciy Fruit Gum with a Earthy Sativa taste at the end.

Effects: This Bud Is Potent, Up there with the best Sativa’s I have ever Puffed on. I get a great head high that makes my face go numb and my head feel dense and heavy on the first couple of tokes.

Potency: Definetly the Most Potent Juicy fruit I have ever had. Most JF I have had is C+ or B+ but this stuff Is the Sativa version Of OG Kush for Me.

Reviewed by: CheeseBuds

Good Strain For: Appitite, Anxiety, Deppression, and Insomnia. Not the ultimate for a pain reliever but go to a Indica if that is important. Really good for the “Enhancment Smoker” ;)

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56 Responses to “Juicy Fruit”

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