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Jack Kevorkian

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jack kevorkian

Strain Name: Jack Kevorkian

Grade: A+

Type: 70% indica/30% sativa

Looks: very dark green, almost black, covered in crystals

Smell: like earthy pine trees, and fruity pebbles

Taste: very unique taste, fruity almost faint pine taste

Effects: major couch lock, relaxing effect, awesome hybrid indica as well as some sativa effects, very well balanced.

Potency: 8.5 outta 10

Reviewed by: worldwide

Good Strain For: relaxing back after a hard days work, something to come home to

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11 Responses to “Jack Kevorkian”

  1. Obscure says:

    I had this strain two times came from the dispensary in Lansing MI, One to two hits is all you would ever need if you smoke more then that say good night cause it will knock you out. I’m currently on the search for a supplier for this strain as I want it bad. Will be taking a trip to Lansing as soon as i can to see if they still have it or can get it.

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    Obscure Reply:

    This strain is a cousin of Jack Herer.

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  2. sweetgrower says:

    Wondering what bloom time is on this strain? 400W?

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  3. clicks says:

    Man, this was the BEST BUD EVER!!! Please!!! Anyone in so Cal with access to this particular meds, please let me know where to go. Did great, indoor and outdoor. STICKY ICKY!! Looked like it was dipped in sugar, laid people out after one hit. Hit VERY HARD, with a sweet taste &smell. Boy doi miss my meds. It was named after the suicide doctor, Jack Kevorkian- some really killer shit.

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  4. Angel says:

    I used to have this strain. I started it from seeds that came from World Wide Seeds about 8 years ago. I started 6 seeds and got 5 females and one male. Out of the 5 females I kept two phenotypes. K1 -A Sativa dominant plant that grew long slender tops that were dense and covered with crystals and red hairs,heavy on resin with a pine/citrus like oder.
    K2-An Indica dominant plant that grew fat sticky tops not as dense as K1 but, extemely “greasy” resin, and covered in crystals and had a very sweet almost candy,fruity oder. Both were heavy producers in an indoor organic soil,SOG room. The high was long lasting,a good medicianl strain.I lost all of my plants to a bug invasion. I tried to use the remaining 6 seeds and they all died. I would love to find this strain again.

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    clicks Reply:

    I also had this strain, from clone, and the seeds I got, ( very rare) were like little genetic bombs. They would start to sprout, but for whatever reason, they only got so big, and ended up dying. I got mine outta long beach, just wish I had that connect again.

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  5. I WANT IT!!! Where can I find this around Detroit, MI? I’m in love!
    Stay Blazed!

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  6. JoiNt RollEr says:

    best shit ive ever smoked!

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  7. 5T8T0K1N says:

    wondering where the up-loader copped this strain from? must be a clone only supply?

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  8. 'ouch'myback says:

    nothing like some jack kevorkian at night, to put you to sleep;)

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  9. 'ouch'myback says:


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