Strain Type | Indica, Jack Frost

Jack Frost

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Strain Name: Jack Frost

Grade: A

Type: The bag says 75% indica 25% sativa. online it says its 100% sativa. The buds do look more like a indica.

Looks: Dry, Coated in crystals, not very hairy.

Smell: Dank, and strong.

Taste: Strong. kind of sweet after taste.

Effects: Good heavy head high, not much of a body buzz. Has a zoning effect.

Potency: A few one hitters of this does the trick. Its fairly potent. More of a night time smoke.

Reviewed by: Heavy Smokers

Good Strain For: Insomnia, Depression, Anxeity….im sure it can help with other ailments too.

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3 Responses to “Jack Frost”

  1. blackmetalmikey says:

    i have to good in moring make me think hard what good for me

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  2. Jose GBC Castillo says:

    Best Bud I had in a long time two hits and I was zoned out

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  3. Teeona Stovey says:

    it was some of the best shit ive ever had in my life. i smoked a quarter of a dime and i was already hella fucked up. and it lasted a long time. itsa great cure for my depression shit.

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