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Strain Name: Sannies Herijuana

Grade: A-

Type: Mostly Indica (Killer New Haven X Petrolia Headstash)

Looks: Small golf ball nugs covered with trichomes

Smell: Slight sandalwood scent……. not much else

Taste: None. Zip. Tasteless.

Effects: 100% body, heavy, narcotic, will turn you to JELLY!

Potency: Top medical strain. Very potent. 9.5/10.

Reviewed by: SSHZ

Good Strain For: Insomnia, pain, arthritis, joint issues

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9 Responses to “Herijuana”

  1. Debfrmgp says:

    I was lucky, very lucky to have been introduced to Herijuana,, It is a miracle with taking care of pain and even stomach trouble, Probably more to this strain too,, I was totally amazed when I first tried it.. I wish I had it on hand always.. I have been told that Herijuana started out with the name Medi…. How true is this??

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  2. SSHZ says:

    Try Sannie’s Seeds “Anesthesia”. It’s a Herijuana hybrid and I believe stronger than just Herijuana if you are looking for a potent knock out smoke. It’s a slow growing plant in veg, and it takes 9-10 weeks to finish but it’s great.

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    CalifasGurl Reply:

    I know its been a while. Just found ur reply in my “junk” folder.

    Thx. I will see where I can pick up.

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  3. CalifasGurl says:

    Looking 4 da most potent body buzz 2 numb me 2 sleep 4 my extreme/chronic body aches & migraines.

    Already tried berry white & purple thai & they’re not doin it 4 me. Da body buzz is not lasting past 30mn but I am being left w/a strong head buzz which activates my headaches if I don’t already have one, and if I have one, its amplified.

    I need sumthn w/similar effects to 4-6gms of dilaudid.
    I take dis med in dis dose when I’m done tryn to deal w/da pain 4 da day. I don’t get hit w/da heavy drugged out drowsiness anymore. However I still get another a diff type of headache so I find myself taking it w/acetaminophen. And if I wanna knock out, i have 2 add my anti-anxiety med + sleep meds.

    So, wats da word on da herb, bird?

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  4. Saisumthin says:

    Great Review! Agree With Everything

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  5. Buggins says:

    The info I’ve read on this strain said it had great nausea suppressing effects, as well as major appetite increase. did you find that to be the case?

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    Nick Reply:

    Definitely a top strain for pain and insomnia. It easily mimics the effects of high potent painkillers such as Morphine. I like to think of Herojuana as the Jack Herer of the Indica family.

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    Buggins Reply:

    Sounds like an amazing strain! Glad I decided to pick up a few beans!

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    undidit Reply:

    Researching info on this strain, did you get a chance to grow it? Any growing tips would be greatly appreciated.

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