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Strain Name: Headband (Cali outdoor)

Grade: A

Type: Hybrid sativa dominant

Looks: kinda like sour diesel but a little darker, lots of gold trichomes, light orange hairs and not to hairy . Photo from a camera phone so sorry about the poor quality

Smell: does not smell as good as either of it’s parents and not as pronounced.

Taste: again doesn’t live up to either parents , tastes a little harsh and a little sweet but artificial sweetener sweet a little peppery nose tingles , vaguely sour and fuel and very foresty , burnt foresty … Not the greatest

Effects: here’s where it shines…. Very strong and kicks in quick…. Smoked a third of a joint and had to put it down for a second. Just a second .Mostly in the head. I feel pressure on the side of my head right above the ears and in the forehead ….coincidence ? Sour does this to me also so I guess it’s the genetics . Also feel it in my neck and shoulders . The high comes on pretty speedy with a bewildered confusing element to it for a few minutes than starts to calm down a that time my eyes are beet red and my stomach feels ready to eat something . To me the high is very similar to sour diesel but stronger and seems as potent as og kush but the characters of the high are very different between og and hb ( besides for the nausea and stomach relief)IMO . I may be giving it to much credit because I’ve only tried it twice and only had tiny amounts as opposed to the larger amounts of various diesels and kushs ive ingested so I don’t know if it will stand the test of time but so far so good

Potency: 8.9/10

Reviewed by: anonymous

Good Strain For: nausea , neck and shoulder tension, appetite , head aches ,daytime + Anytime


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9 Responses to “Headband”

  1. t.webb < houston says:

    its good… it will put you to sleep though. im smoking it now… and it moves quick

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  2. bryguy says:

    I got the headband in Michigan and it looks just like the reviewer’s pic..

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    joe Reply:

    means its outdoor and outdoor is shit you loos flavor and strength.

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  3. chong says:

    i gotcha, gotta smush it flat to ship

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  4. Awsomebillfromdawaonville-aka-Nutsinurface says:

    Outdoor grass tookin with a sub-par cell phone camera is never gonna be a thing of beauty . I can assure y’all it is authentic hb. Looks don’t mean anything .it looked like darker sour d and compressed due to shipping. It does look outdoor. The same with the og i just reviewed. I can post pics of really pretty and fluffy indoor buds but they are not worth a dam compared to organic OUTDOOR Headband , but they do have better bag appeal

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  5. kellho says:

    Great review man
    exactly how it smoked for me

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  6. chong says:

    yea it does

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  7. chong says:


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