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Strain Name: Headband

Grade: A-

Type: Indica

Looks: The buds were a darker green which turned me off but after taking a closer look under a magnifying glass the trichromes were enough to sell me. The hairs were a nice dark orangish-brown which sort of made the bud look very foresty as a whole.

Smell: The smell was kind of disappointing, the only reason this bud didn’t get the straight A. I could definitely smell the two kushes in the mix but I guess I was hoping for some more of the sour to pervade the smell. Oh well.

Taste: The taste was fantastic. The smoke expands in the lungs as much as any other strain I’ve tried. Had my face as red as my Redwings shirt, very red, and tasting pine trees every time I coughed again.

Effects: The effects were immediate. This was the first Headband that really lived up to it’s name. It felt like there was a four inch band of the best feeling lava the would drip down the front of your face numbing it for a bit before it would recede again back into the forehead.

Potency: Extreme, definitely one strain that I can not expect to go in public and operate at even 50% speech and motor efficiency, but I always find if you’re nice to people they don’t care how lit you are.

Reviewed by: ILikeKush

Good Strain For: Sleep-Aid,Chronic Pain, Appetite.

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22 Responses to “Headband”

  1. CaliBuddaSmoker says:

    Headband is THE strain to smoke out here in Cali, great high, great taste, def one of my favs.

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  2. pufffpufffchick says:

    Headband was an amazing high. The first hour and a half was mostly all a heavy sativa head high. As you feel like you’re supposed to be coming down, your high is switched over to a full body buzz, I couldnt move from the couch for 3 hours after a joint.. besides Blue Dream, this is defiantly one of the best strains by far.

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  3. cole says:

    awesome strain.

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  4. Master Colin says:

    Wow… can’t wait to try this strain. I loved how you described the effects. They have some at my dispensary so I’m definitely going to be picking up at least an eigth. Thanks for the review Kush :)

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  5. Big Rip says:

    This goddamn stuff makes me feel like im in space man, I cannot function!

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  6. flave628 says:

    Great relaxer ecspecially if Ur tense

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  7. this4locoaintmy40 says:

    Man i havent been on here in a minute. forgot how helpfull it realy is. im def. gona try this strain

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  8. walking emp says:

    took a 2 month break from weed
    I was getting used to just getting contact high than I gave in and smoked this on a long ass trip to some place…

    when ever I smoke headband I’m out of my body, seriously feels like I’m outside the car, the wind is loud as fuck…

    for some reason driving pass a airport I could feel myself going up. wearing a seat belt won’t help, you won’t even feel it… it pisses me off because all my friends act normal while I’m experiencing so much more.

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  9. joe says:

    all i can see is leaf take shot from underneath bud so you can see how crystaly it is. or trim it

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  10. matt t says:

    its ok i like sour better

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  11. pitbull says:

    If it not that good it not real headband , headband is very potent has the lumps on the bud like the sour d but really lime colored like og master kush mixes so well cant tell its there , i head its 2 parts sour d 1 part master 1 part og cause with any less sourd in it the kush was overpowering the d traits taste like you mixed sour d and og to me, aftertaste very strong lemon peel taste for few minutes after smoked

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  12. Lou-kiss says:

    I got this shit in TN. Amazing. Such a creative high. Love it.

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  13. mickmura says:

    you seem to be misinformed, this strain is great for a daytime utility smoke, ive just come across some local headband, and I cant believe how well I can function after a smoke, I feel like a could get my entire todo list in one j, and it doesn’t give a “paranoid” type feeling it seems to relieve my social anxiety and make things less akward when you don’t want someone to know that you smoke, anyways, im no scientist, or cannabis expert, and since everyperson is different, effects can vary. but this is my experience……headbanbd for the win!

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  14. punchreba says:


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  15. punchreba says:

    Picked up some in CT. VERY similar to pic

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  16. 215420boii says:

    Niceeee strain tried it first time smoooooth inhale nice taste and will have you up there in clouds nicer and clear

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  17. Bkcarlito says:

    I sort of disagree with this review. I’ve had two different types of headband and both gave me a full body buzz and sent energy coursing through my veins. After about an 1 1/2 – 2 hours it switched to a couch lock high. Guess different types have different effects on ppl.

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  18. Michael Mason Jr says:

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  19. Cannabis Monster says:

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