Strain Type | Green -O- Matic, Indica

Green -O- Matic

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Green -O- Matic

Strain Name: Green -O- Matic

Genetics: Moroccan Ruderalis x Asian Ruderalis

Breeder: Green House Seeds

Grade: C-

Type: Auto Flowering.

Looks: Jade colored bud coated in crystals.

Smell: Fruity, earthy, skunk.

Taste: Sweet earthy taste.

Effects: Drowsiness, Happy, Calming/Relaxed)

Potency: Medium – Low

Reviewed by: Phill – Phill42083

Good Strain For: Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia.

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4 Responses to “Green -O- Matic”

  1. chong says:

    @ yourmom: you’re a fuckin tard

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  2. USSMoneyClip says:

    HAHA I have seen shwag that looks better than that. I have standards, I wouldn’t even smoke that.

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  3. yourmom says:

    haha kid above me is a clown he prob smokes midgrade all day…bud looks dank juss a huge stem messes up the picture post more brotha juss find a better camra

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  4. hottpotat0 says:

    your pictures look like he11 shwag…gives me a headache trying to figure out what is going on-please don’t post any more reviews till you have worthwhile photos-no offense meant

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