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Green Crack

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green crack

Strain Name: Green Crack

Grade: A+

Type: Indica Dominate

Looks: Fuzzy, hairy, crystally

Smell: Deep, rich, to the core.

Taste: Very good, not harsh at all

Effects: Full body and mind, eye as well. Body feels flushed with relaxation. Mind is calm, simple. More awake than sleepy though

Potency: Very. Haha. Some other people had some, (lightweights) and they passed out for hours after a few puffs

Reviewed by: Kenji

green crack

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9 Responses to “Green Crack”

  1. Slizz says:

    I smoke this 3 times a day. Good high makes me energetic and awake. After the high though, it makes me tired a bit until I smoke again. Good wake and bake.

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  2. says:

    8 weeks flower. Very potent strain. Emerald Cup winner. Not for beginner smokers. Come visit us at for a full grow log on this strain.

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  3. Goldbud Inc. says:

    Was the last of 5 Sativas to ripen. Holding up my next grow due to going on 10 weeks. So many tri-comes on the leaves, they were brittle. When I saw some cloudiness, I grabbed the three plants. Rocket Fuel, almost to much for the back of Your head. If I would of held out another week, it may have been dangerous. I mix alot of outher strains with it, scares Me a bit all by itself. Pure Sativa, even though it looks like Indica. One of My Buddy’s say’s that it was genetically altered in a study for the Army. If the Boys smoked this, the war would be over. When I have errands or want to clean the House, this is the one.

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  4. Stiggs says:

    I picked up a hefty sack from me buds… Smoked four bowls worth and couldn’t keep my ass still. Sleeping was entirely impossible so I cleaned instead. Quietly

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  5. SmokeTheForest says:

    Yeah Green Crack is straight to the head. Smoked 5 bowls in about an hour through a bong, and was so high that I almost felt like I was on acid, not the best way to feel whilst driving. When I got home I “came down” from that and was still extremely high and energetic, sleeping was an issue.

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  6. IntrepidT says:

    Agree… makes me feel very energetic, talkative, and gets your heat going.

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  7. dusty420 says:

    I’m growing green crack outside and im about to harvest.It has huge kolas and the trichs are barely turning amber. When is the best time for me to pull them?

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  8. Tom says:

    I agree with frogdog, this is not a indica, …… is definitely sativa.Very nice buzzing high, very social. Lets just say I got allot done today

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  9. frogdog says:

    There is no way u r talking about Green Crack. Think about the name, this is an energizer. Last week I accidently had too much. My heart was racing and pounding and I couldn’t sit still. If u have the real deal, that’s what u ‘d feel. This is some serious shit

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