Strain Type | Great White Shark, Sativa

Great White Shark

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Great White Shark

Strain Name: Great White Shark

From: Purple Lotus Patient Center

Grade: High grade

Type: Hybrid – Sativa dominant

Looks: Frosty, Almost milky

Smell: Strong, great smell

Taste: Left a good taste, Fresh.

Effects: I had a gram of this about a week ago and then saw on their website that the same strain was on sale this week bc it didn’t have the best trim. The on sale version was just as good as at the gram I bought last week, maybe even tasted better because it was on sale.

This was a good daytime strain as it didn’t leave me tired or annoyed, but actually really happy and full of energy. It’s effects started out really stoney in my head and face. After a bit I felt like moving around and motivated me to clean the house :)

Potency: High

Reviewed by: Layla N

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7 Responses to “Great White Shark”

  1. Speez says:

    taste and smells pretty good but wasnt potent enough for me tho

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  2. Jo....fuck you I ain't given you my name says:

    Pretty good shit got me high as fuck

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  3. dave says:

    an excellent strain that does couch lock you if done right by the expert grower. top grade medical com

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  4. Green Growers Straight from the source in CA says:

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    Strain: Pre 98 Bubba
    Genetics: 20% Sativa/80% Indica
    THC Level: 20% -27%
    Grow: Indoor, Hydroponic/ebb and flow

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  1. […] and Content Source […]

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