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Girl Scout Cookies

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Girl Scout Cookies

Strain Name: Girl Scout Cookies [OG Kush x Durban Poison x Cherry Kush]

Grade: A+

Type: Indica-dominant hybrid

Looks: beautiful contrast of dark green and light green with light orange hairs, oozes with THC which gives it sort of a yellow glow.

Smell: very sweet with a hint of earthy pungency. very enjoyable and strong.

Taste: smoke tastes incredibly milky and smooth, and on the exhale very sweet like a chocolate pie topped with cherries. the flavor evolves and lingers for a very long time. it doesnt taste like marijuana at all.

Effects: very heavy high, you will probably not be very functional after consuming. the onset is very fast and lasts a while. although it was very intense at first, as the high progressed it enhanced my appetite greatly. the high may be too intense for anxiety patients. you will be able to sleep well on it, but if you fight the heavy onset and peak a very creative playful high follows.

Potency: VERY HIGH. despite the smooth milky smoke, you will still most likely cough lightly.

Reviewed by: eskAe

Good Strain For: pain, PTSD, couch-lock effect, depression, appetite, insomnia, creativity, social anxiety, vegging out

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9 Responses to “Girl Scout Cookies”

  1. Rance says:

    Their is no cherry kush in girl scout
    cookies I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news but vac is (granddaddy purple x Durban Poison x SFV OG) x Tahoe Og

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  2. Rance says:

    You need me to explain again ok (GSC is GDP x Durban P. x SFV Og) = (Cherry Pie x Tahoe Og) = Girl Scout Cookies

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    dragonalchemy Reply:

    Damn nigga you know your strains

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    Zach Reply:

    thats incorrect. actually cookies is f1 durban x og kush. cherry pie is og kush x gap.

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  3. SuckMyBong says:

    GSC has become my FAV all time strain, I smoke it so much my dispensary named me “the cookie monster”! Great and fast high, sits behind the eyes and moves down slowly in to the body. Each dispensary is different, but for consistency you can’t beat GSC!

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  4. jay hunnit says:

    Girl scout cookies.. indica dominant hybrid…
    f-1 Durb X floridah kush..
    No cherry pie no cherry kush no gdp no sfv no tahoe…
    these strains make “fookies”
    (fake cookies)
    Im from san jo. Been smokin real cookies

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  7. Canabis Monster says:

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