Strain Type | George Bush, Indica

George Bush

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Strain Name: George Bush

Grade: A+ (Only Reason Not A++ Is Due To Being A Little Too Dry)

Type: Hybrid

Looks: Very Beautiful, Greens, Oranges, Pinks, and Purples. Very large buds and exceptional looking under WHITE LED/Florescent Lights. Just a little too dry and flakey in the end.

Smell: Strong Bud Smell. Kept in air tight containers. When burning it you can definitely tell you are burning some really high grade bud.

Taste: Strong inhale of bud taste and on the exhale the taste is very sweet and exceptionally smooth.

Effects: Definite giggles to an experienced smoker. Makes you very stoned and will help relax you from anything that ales you. There is a definite feeling of euphoria and is some of the best I’ve ever had.

Potency: The reason I’m told it is called George Bush is because it is supposed to make you unable to coherently make a sentence. Now where this is a little exaggerated, it is a very potent strain.

Reviewed by: Mastermind

Good Strain For: Severe Pain, Insomnia, Back Pain

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2 Responses to “George Bush”

  1. niggaa says:

    holy shit this is a throwback! my first dealer 2 years ago called his shit this and it was the same purple nugs, i always assumed george bush kush was a made up name though haha. damn, this was some of the finest herb ive smoked, especially back when i had no tolerance.

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  2. SMVCPA says:

    Hey out there. Anybody know the origins of George Bush? The bank it came from or producer? Would be useful knowledge for those contemplating putting it into production.

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