Strain Type | Grand Daddy Purple, Indica

Grand Daddy Purple

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Strain Name: Grand Daddy Purple (aka GDP)

Grade: A+

Type: Indica

Looks: Nug- extremely dense tight nugs with the perfect combination of purple and green with the brightest orange hairs.
Ground- The purple becomes more dominant with the orange right behind it, it really is the best balance of purple orange and green I have ever seen on GDP.

Smell: When you smell the nug it’s the faint smell of pine with subliminal sweetness. In the grinder it smelled like someone made a chloroform/grape kool-aid mixture and covered my face with it. The smell is enough to make your head buzz.

Taste: Much like the taste. An overwhelming grape with the definite kushiness that a good GDP should have.

Effects: A potent indica which started in the feet with heat like I was wearing extra layers of socks, it slowly made it’s way up my leg numbing as it went, once it got to my head it felt like the backs of my eyes were vibrating. After the full effects were experienced out of my roor, I felt like the girl in the old anti-marijuana commercials who melted into the couch.

Potency: Extremely high. I have had a lot of strains that were far “purpler” such as the grape ape when I first got my card that was what people refer to as purple weed. But they have never had the potency I wanted. This GDP was everything I needed. Literally looks sugar coated under the right light… or wrong light ha.

Reviewed by: ILikeKush

Good Strain For: Nausea, joint pain, appetite stimulation

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10 Responses to “Grand Daddy Purple”

  1. Nick says:

    Every single one of those things is true, best high of my life. Only bad thing is makes you incredibly tired after and you sleep for hours whether you want to or not.

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  2. Darren says:

    GDP is one of my all time favorite strains,
    nice relaxed high, with a bit of euphoria,
    and couch lock.

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  3. Scuba Steve says:

    Ive smoked shit just like this but it was
    unknown of what the name was we just called it purp, but if I was smoking it with them right now I say its GDP not purp.

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  4. chris says:

    is this the scuba steve?

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  8. Grace says:

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