Endless Sky

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Endless Sky

Strain Name: Endless Sky

Grade: A

Type: Indica – 90% Indica / 10% Sativa

Looks: Incredibly hairy. I can barely see the green part. The entire bud is just covered in nice peachy tan colored pistils.

Smell: Dank and earthy, with slightly sweet undertones. Definitely has some skunkiness in there as well.

Taste: There is a definite initial flavor of sweet lemons, almost no sour involved just a very intense lemon flavor. After the exhale, there is a relatively strong aftertaste of fresh cut/ground greens.

Effects: My mind has a very detached feeling from the rest of my body. This tends to be common in buds that help with bodily pain, and that trend seems to continue with this strain. My mind is a bit confused which, in turn, slows down bodily reaction times. The buzz is very even and mellow, but extremely strong.

Potency: Effects lasted 3+ Hours

From: Patient’s Choice of Colorado

Reviewed By: In The Blue

Notes: This one is great for stomach pain and nausea. Be aware though, like most other indicas, it has a pretty sedative note to it. This makes it good for aiding sleep.

Endless Sky

Looks very tasty! The new lighting and picture style rocks (: Good work once again In The Blue! -Volcanobis

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19 Responses to “Endless Sky”

  1. RalphyBoy says:

    I learned the hard (and expensive) way……stay away Dr. ReemThumb’s stuff. Most was average at best.

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  2. Bigdic says:

    Dr. GreenThumb SUCKS.

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  3. MarciK. says:

    After a few disasters from the Doc, I moved on to Reserva Privada, DNA and Mr. Nice seeds from now on. Much happier these days…..

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  4. Elaine B. says:

    I didn’t listen to the complaints I was reading about this strain and bought a pack anyway. Results: the worse strain I grew out of 9 different plants. I demand a refund!

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  5. Jonathon R. says:

    I’ve had very bad germination rates on many of GreenThumb seeds. I couldn’t afford the failures anymore and stopped buying his beans.

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  6. SexySally says:

    I know people who continue to grow out this strain. It’s from an old clone, maybe 5 or 6 years ago. It’s potent. But they did buy more seeds last year and grew some and were VERY disappointed by the results. Very, very unhappy. If you can find an old clone, go with it. If you are buying seeds and just starting with it- don’t bother. Sally

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  7. Cannabis Connoisseur says:

    “Shouldn’t” rely on the breeder is what that should say…I’m kind of baked. lol

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  8. Cannabis Connoisseur says:

    That is why you should rely on the breeder to keep the original genetics around, and take matters into your own hands. I still have the Endless Sky I know and love. It’s only YOUR fault that you didn’t keep it going yourself. Don’t blame Dr. Greenthumb for your failed efforts.

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  9. Dripgirl says:

    Me too. Too many disappointments with his stuff.

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  10. SalliesAllie says:

    I’ve already learned NOT to buy GreenThumb’s seeds……way too expensive for what u get.

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  11. The Dude says:

    Doc sucks….

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  12. BarbarafromDetroit says:

    Major disappointment, for sure. I feel like I was ripped off paying a lot for genetics like this. A total disaster if you ask me. Total trash.

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  13. Steven Cohn says:

    Not A whole bunch of his stuff wouldn’t sprout for me and he wouldn’t do shit for me. He practically hung up the phone on me when I tried to talk to him about it. He’s lost another life-long customer. By the way, Endless Sky is a mid-potency indica that takes a lot longer then specified. It’s ok, but not anything like (anymore) it once was.

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  14. JOEYZ says:

    I hate Dr. GreenThumb……what a pompus asshole. Just a nasty old bastard. I haven’t grown Endless Sky but I have done a number of his other strains like the rip off G13 for like $100 a seed. Fuck u Dr. G!

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  15. rogerdodger says:

    Just finished a grow of 3 plants of E.S. Very average strain, nothing to write home about. Gets you high for like 1/2 hour barely. I totally agree with the above- save your money and grow something else.

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  16. richard wentworth says:

    Buddy grew it inside end of last year. It turned out so poorly he couldn’t sell it. Don’t know much else.

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  17. josh says:

    I’d have to agree with SSHZ. I grew this strain like 5 years ago and it was great. I grew it again and chopped about a month ago and was greatly disappointed. It was my worse grow in over 3 years. What the hell happened Doc?

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  18. Oz6 says:

    Awesome strain my strain was purchased through the doc maybe he should advertise for experienced growers only many want to bag breeder and strain take a good look at growing ethics before such negativity so sick of reading novice growers talking crap

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  19. sshz says:

    Be aware Dr. Greenthumb has reported he lost the original mother and in his recent breeding projects to make more seeds, the quality has taken a big hit negatively. The quality is just average now, with light and airy buds with a hay smell and taste. Years ago this was an elite strain- now it’s maybe a C- and I’d suggest growing something else.

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