Strain Type | Durban Poison, Sativa

Durban Poison

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Durban Poison

Strain Name: Durban Poison

From: Purple Lotus Patient Center

Grade: High Grade, organic

Type: Pure Sativa, Land race

Looks: Somewhat fluffy, large trichomes

Smell: Dank

Taste: Light/medium smoke

Effects: Very euphoric effect in the beginning. Started to wear off after a long time, still felt high 2 hours later. Didn’t leave me groggy after it wore off, and I actually felt very creative. Definitely a smoke a go kind of strain. I originally found this strain because it won 3rd place at this year’s High Times Medical Cannabis Cup I can see why the Durban Poison placed.

Potency: 9 or 10

Reviewed by: Layla N

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6 Responses to “Durban Poison”

  1. Hemphill says:

    Rolled a nice small joint of this earlier, man was it amazing just had another bowl.

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  2. Fiona says:

    Really helped me to concentrate, felt energetic, killed pain to a certain degree. Good stuff.

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  3. Drew510fire says:

    Durban poison is without a doubt one if the best sativas that i have EVER smoked. Its a strain that is definitely in my top 10 as far as sativas go.

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  4. thatmedical420 says:

    This shit is fire as fuck. At first i was like ehhh its not that good. Smoked an L. Still said ehh. 20 minutes later im on my ass wit this different kinda high. It blew my mind how good this shit actually smoked

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  5. Bdrizzle says:

    Best shit this year!!!!

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  6. MIZCHIF says:


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