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Strain Name: Diesel

Grade: A-

Type: Sativa Dominant

Looks: Large, dense, dark green nugs. Covered with dark orange hairs. Shimmers in the light from all the crystals.

Smell: Very musty, and diesel smelling.

Taste: sour and skunky on the inhale, very diesel-y on the exhale. Very unique taste’s. Cant explain it that well.

Effects: Instant head buzz, made me very spacey at first, but then became very focused, had a decent body buzz throughout (wave effect). This lasted for a bit, then mellowed out to a super relaxed mindset. Heavy eyes, and multiple ocular pressure changes.

Potency: Very Strong 2.5-3 hours

Reviewed by: Henskerz

Good Strain For: Concentration, headache, eye strain, anxiety.

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9 Responses to “Diesel”

  1. slick says:


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  2. Bulldog says:

    In my top three.. The first time I smoked this I was almost paralyzed. Was a heavy but very pleasant high. My wife complains it smells like a skunk died in the house. I have this stuff doubled wrapped and in a container and she can still smell it. One of it’s very cool traits. Maybe I’m a lite weight but I would ease into this slowly until you get a grip and then let it rip!!!

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  3. Chuck says:

    Greetings! I am a patient growing only my favorite Medical Marijuana Sativa, NY Diesel! It’s great for my neck problems, depression and anxiety!
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    Thank you!


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  4. brian begley says:

    I have glaucoma live in Kentucky can I get a medical card in Michigan

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  7. James Rhodes says:

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