Strain Type | Hybrid, Indica, Sativa

Death Star

Death Star

Strain Name: Death Star

Grade: A+

Genetics: Sensi Star x Sour Diesel

Type: Indica/sativa hybrid

Looks:This bud is gorgeous..with dark and vibrant lite greens..and covered in stacked looks amazing when she glistens..and dark vibrant orange hairs make this a truly beautiful strain.

Smell:Wow…this is a stinky strain.this had a very pungent sweet skunky fragrance mixed with fuel that you can smell from miles away..there no sneaking around with this stinky girl.

Taste:Has a brilliant flavor..its very sweet skunky on the inhale and this carries over with a fuel flavor in the back of you mouth on the amazing its hard to put down.

Effects:2-3 hours


Reviewed by:KXGEOFFXP

Good Strain For:This one was great for a daytime smoke for me..also helped with anxiety, appetite, nausea, relaxing, pain relief…great medicine..and a fist with this strain..but not my last.

Death Star

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8 Responses to “Death Star”

  1. vince says:

    I just yanked two Darkstar. One was big fluffy buds….medium potency. the other clone was indica, dense, tricomes galore, potency off the wall. Heard this was common with strain, but big fluffy sucks.

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  2. Maddness says:

    No bud before this strain has ever given a psychedelic response like this has

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  3. rio402 says:

    Just copped 4 zips of this deathstar and its sour d. And its similar in smell and this ish

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  4. Brad says:

    Some good ass weed.. Smoked a fat j an played some basketball.. Crazy experience nigga

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  5. The Bradicus says:

    This is a fucking amazing strain. I’ve never been quite this aware and focused while still blitzed out my god damn skull. I’m so fucked up right now, but I’m still like… agile… great with music.. any kind…

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  6. Kayla says:

    This weed doesn’t make me sleepy like others & it doesn’t make me freak out. Just relaxing & put me in a great mood! Guess it’s traveled from Ohio to Tennessee! :)

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  7. Jose Garcia says:

    I bought an 1/8 yesterday and it’s by far the best strain I’ve toked, it gives you a surreal up-lifting high

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  8. Jat Mane says:

    ive smoked, grown, and seen many buds from Ohio but deathstar is by far the best

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