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Dairy Queen

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Strain Name: Dairy Queen

Genetics: Cheese X Romulan X Cindy 99

Breeder: TGA Subcool

Grade: A+

Type: Hybrid Sativa Dominant – 60% Sativa / 40% Indica

Looks: Loaded with crystals. Darker green bud with bright orange hair. Super sticky. A few random nugs had a blueish purple leaves. Very gooey and sticky, even when the outside is bone dry. Looks killer, just not as good as other strains that I have given a ten out of ten in the looks dept. This batch was a tad bit leafy, but the leaves were packed with crystals so it was kosher. (9/10)

Smell: Super unique and delicious smell. Smells like a pungent cherry cheese cake slice with a hint of non burnt fuel, earth, clay, and a dash of sour. Slight dash of haze. (10/10)

Taste: All the buds look similar, but some have completely different tastes. There is 3 main flavors I discovered. The first type have a very earthy, clay like, perfumey inhale with a sort of perfumey exhale. The second type tastes very similar to the kush. A very piney, fruity, kush, spicey, earthy taste, this was my favorite flavor. The third type tastes similar to the smell, packing a cherry earthy cheese like flavor with a smooth exhale. The second and third type were the best tasting. Those were a ten out of ten. The first flavor type was a eight out of ten. (9/10)

Effects: Day or night time use. Small amounts gave off the perfect sativa medicinal effects. In larger amounts it felt like a heavy indica. Very potent medicine and well rounded effects! Faded without the munchies or being couchlocked. (10/10)

Potency: Very Strong (9/10)

Reviewed By: Volcanobis

Good For: Stress, relaxing, anxiety, depression, creative thoughts, and pain relief.

Notes: Seems as if there as three phenotypes in this batch, I liked them all, but the kush / black licorice tasting phenotype was my absolute favorite. Puts out a thick vapor bag from the volcano. The second and third and even the fourth bag that I ran through the volcano still put out a delicious flavor, no burnt popcorn or spent tasting trees here. I really like everything about this strain – it is definitely one of a kind!

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6 Responses to “Dairy Queen”

  1. James says:

    awsome bud..two hits from a bong and you are out of this world

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  2. Clay Akin says:

    My favorite strain because of its unique taste and smooth stone, no celeing on this one. Hurts the fingers to break apart when grown right, tastes very similar to sweet tarts candy, fun to smoke with family and friends!

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  3. Robert says:

    I am delighted to inform you that I am interested in providing MMJ buyers with grade A+. I have been in the industry most of my life but I am currently managing two separate facilities that are both producing from 1-2.25 lbs of pure grade A medicine per week, minimum. These results are highlighted by the fact that the plant count is steadily maintained at well under 50 plants per facility. I am only interested in collaboration with those who intend to maintain a completely legal operation while still providing the best and most efficient care for patients possible. I am open to many different avenues of compensation for my time and/or contributions to a successful organization. So I propose that anyone interested call me or text via phone @ (615) 200-7881 as soon as possible. I Would like to discuss options and details with all who are interested, however I cannot guarantee how long my talents will be available. So if you are interested or just have questions please do not hesitate to contact me via my (615) 200-7881 email to schedule a delivery of your package

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  4. gooeylover says:

    Gooey is NOT from Subcool. It was made by Gooeybreeder and he has had the same plant for 30 years. Do a Google search or go to Breedbay, it’s were Subcool used to be at. It’s where he met Gooeybreeder. And if you like exotic pot, Gooeybreeder stands alone in his purples. Like I said, Google and be informed and amazed.

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  5. Raster says:

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