Strain Type | Cream Caramel, Indica

Cream Caramel

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Strain Name: Cream Caramel

Grade: B+

Type: 90% Indica

Looks: Dense bright green buds, orange hairs, very crystalline.

Smell: Peppery, sweet, hashy, skunky, herbal

Taste: Thick sweet, mild skunk, herbal inhale/ Delicious hashy, super sweet, vanilla cream exhale that lingers on the palate for a while.

Effects: Instant onset beginning in the head and moving to the body within 10 minutes, paralyzing, sedative, long lasting 2-3 hours.

Potency: A (do not operate heavy machinery)

Reviewed by: ataxia

Good Strain For: good for insomnia, appetite stimulation, hypnotic/anti-anxiety properties, muscle tension.

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5 Responses to “Cream Caramel”

  1. madmartdnb says:

    A dam good strain in my opinion seen 4 of this grown staart to finish there was 1 more darker coloured indica looking pheno with thicker leafes and a more sativa dominat pheno. the indica dominant 1 was more of a keeper for personal but the more satvia dominat one is a better yeilding pheno and for commercial grows. both was top notch bud idd give 8/10 for sativa 1 and 8.5/10 for the darker indica dominant pheno. it was almost like a blue strain the indica 1. top job sweeet seeds

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    Ty Reply:

    Hell yea man, these are pretty good auto flowers.. of course many here are gonna be like whoa.. its an auto..yup.. i have one doing the same thing u describe, i cut a girl last week and have two finishing up (got the 3 pack from sweet seeds) Great smoke, fairly potent as well.

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  2. Tardvark says:

    Just got some of this after smoking random crap for a couple of weeks, was told it was caramel, I’ve never had it before so googled it and came here :P looks exactly like your pictures and smells/tastes exactly as you described. great review :)

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  3. jkushk says:

    Just bought some of this. Its so amazing i had to look the strain up online. i love it lol. im in a trance and have ben for the past two hours

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  4. Volcanobis says:

    Excellent detailed review!

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