Strain Type | Concord Krush, Indica

Concord Krush

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Concord Krush

Strain Name: Concord Kush

Genetics: Grape Ape X & DJ Shorts Grape Kush

Grade: A

Type: Hybrid: Indica & Indica

Looks: Tricomes/Red Hairs/Green Leaves with some Purple/Delicious

Smell: Skunky Sweet and Aromatic

Taste: Smokey inhaled and Earthy exhaled, an excellent taste.

Effects: An immediate head high, and then it settles into a body high as your mind spaces in a focused etheral state. Great for relaxing, reading a book, creating without a serious approach (because you will get locked into the visuals so intensely that it may take hours to complete any real work).

Potency: 1 hit = 1 hour, 5 hits = no idea of time

Reviewed by: Coyote

Good Strain For: Muscles, Insomnia (an hour or two before sleep), Back Pain (my lower back feels much better)

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2 Responses to “Concord Krush”

  1. Coyote says:

    I’m still using this strain for Insomnia, as well as for muscles. If I don’t inhale the night before, then my muscles are completely sore the next day from my martial arts class.

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    Blake Reply:

    how much would you charge for a zip of this ? im tryin to grab me a bag, but nobody in Alabama has it…

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