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MISSION STATEMENT: Our mission is to provide a way for our members to collectively and cooperatively cultivate and distribute marijuana for medical purposes to qualified patients and primary caregivers who come together to collectively and cooperatively cultivate physician-recommended marijuana. We operate in an atmosphere that ensures the security of the crop and safeguards against diversion for non-medical purposes. Our methods of operation and business form fall under the guidelines of the California State Attorney General.


PURPOSE: To provide a purchasing outlet and delivery service for medical marijuana for the benefit of the membership on a not-for-profit basis and the education of our members.


MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS: Membership in the Circulus Vitae Corporation Collective shall be open to any patient (and/or to the Caregiver of that patient) with a valid Medical Marijuana Recommendation issued by a Licensed California Physician in good standing, who is able to use its services and willing to support its Collective organization, purposes and principles.


RESPONSIBILITIES OF MEMBERS: Responsibilities of members include: supporting the Circulus Vitae Corporation Collective by doing business with it, updating membership information in Collective records, and abiding by the policies and procedures adopted by the collective. No diversion of medicine outside of the collective will be accepted.


RIGHTS OF MEMBERS: Rights of the members include: to cultivate and distribute marijuana for medicinal purposes to qualified patients and primary caregivers, to participate in membership meetings and elections, to participate in the volunteer program of the Circulus Vitae Corporation Collective and to participate in any membership benefits established by the Board.


TERMINATION OF MEMBERSHIP: The Board may terminate the membership of any member for the following reasons: inactivity, diversion of medicine, failure to maintain current records, or failure to observe policies or procedure.


GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETINGS: The Circulus Vitae Corporation Collective shall hold a general membership meeting no less than once a year for the purposes of electing Board members, presenting reports on the state of the Collective, and making membership decisions.


ELECTIONS AND VOTING: Each member who has satisfied the requirements of membership is entitled to one vote on each question. An organization with a membership may send one delegate to represent the organization. At least five members at a membership meeting constitute a quorum.


NUMBER: There shall be a minimum of two and a maximum of six members on the Board of Directors.


MEMBER REPRESENTATIONS: I represent that I am a qualified patient or primary caregiver; I agree not to distribute marijuana to non-members; I agree not to use the marijuana for other than for medical purposes. The Guidelines issued by the Attorney General state that we must maintain your membership records on-site or have them reasonably available, track when our members’ medical marijuana recommendation and/or identification cards expire, and enforce conditions of membership by excluding members whose identification card or physician recommendation are invalid or have expired, or who are caught diverting marijuana for non-medical use.





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