Strain Type | Indica, Sativa


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Strain Name: Chronic

Grade: A

Type: Sativa – Indica mix

Looks: Good size buds, orange hairs, breaks up pretty well, good amount of shake when your bags going empty.

Smell: Deep musky good-ol’ pot smell

Taste: Sweet and smooth, but deadly, the cough might sneak up on you.

Effects: Upper body high, light weight feeling. Head high, with some creative thoughts after a good bowl or two

Potency: 8.9

Reviewed by: Jacol

Good Strain For: Relaxing, mellowing out, chilling with a few friends. Also for: Easy adventures, good laughs, and great for movies and video games.


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5 Responses to “Chronic”

  1. this4locoaintmy40 says:

    Thats a realy nice spoon peice yo.

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    Izzy Reply:

    Oh, heck yeah, nice bowl.

    Mmmmmmmmmmm—–Chronic :drool:

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  2. The Bear Man says:

    This Site Sucks the Big Bad Boner I have submitted Many Photos and Feedback, But is seems that this site does not publish any new Pics or Opinions on the Weed, I myself Have 18 Strains and Grow only in Promix Hp and all organic, I have what I would say and many of my patients say Its the Best the can find, and I sure don’t like tooting my own horn, Others are doing that for me and want to post my Pics and Feedback They may need, If anyone is interested I would love to know how to get ahold of you all to help in anyway I can, For the Reason that Medical Maryjane Will be the Best New Cure all in the world, I have been a Smoker Grower For Well Over 30 Years I have tried it all one way or another, and Found The Dirt Medium is the only way to go with very little Orgnics, They actually don’t need alot, They are Programed to grow that way in most conditions, But you can add Weight and color by adding Different Organics, Well any ways thats all my opinion, I use 3 600 Watt solarmax hps bulbs on a 2 seprate tables I have 2 over a 5’w x 8’l on my long table and 1 over a 3’x 5′ table and I consistantly Produce in that little space and low wattage is about give or take a bit, 4 Ozs dried Per Plant,as for bugs and other pests I have learned over the years of things you can use to keep most bugs out of your room with spending a few dollars on a couple of Cedar boards Most bugs hate cedar its DEADLY to them the Natural Chemical in the wood. and Not at all harmfull to humans or plants, ( Not sure About Fish) LOL I have never thought about that but, I wouldn’t think anyone would but cedar in a fish tank anyways, I have many New Strains good for Sever Pain, Minor Pain,and Sleep Problems, But I Have Posted Many times on this web site with none of my Pics and Opinions Published, I don’t get it, any one that could use some help I would be happy to help.

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    Leroache420 Reply:


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