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Chicago Marijuana


Chicago Marijuana

Chicago Marijuana

Chicago Marijuana needs to be the name of the perfect weed out there. For those who believe that marijuana will never be legal had better Google Chicago Marijuana. The smart people of Chicago have decided to decriminalize the possession of Marijuana in amounts of 15 grams or less. If you are caught, now you will receive a ticket with a fine amount somewhere between $250 to $500! This was not one of those controversial votes, the city council passed this new ordinance by a vote of 43 to 3 and Mayor Emanuel loves it. This is not a new thing, more than a dozen states already have similar laws. Keep your fingers crossed because this November Colorado and Washington (state) will ask voters to legalize recreational marijuana. If either of these states pass the vote that will make Chicago Marijuana seem like lawnmower weed. Please be patient, however, this new ordinance does not take effect until August 4, 2012. That means straight to jail before then. I have to share the facts and figures, so that I do not appear to much like a pot-head … the mayors department states that is a triangle of good business for the police department. Side A: this change will bring in boo-que bucks in fine fees paid. (uhm, I see a small flaw in their plan here but I’m saying nothing.) Side B: This will free-up the police to spend more time doing actual police work and getting real bad guys. The CPD arrested 18,900 people last year for possession of less than 10 grams of Chicago Marijuana last year. Side C: A large number of those convicted of this “crime” are young minorities and the majors department believes this blemish on their record has hurt them in finding employment. Think before you partake in the name of Chicago Marijuana – this ordinance is void on all school grounds and parks or if you are without your id or under the age of 17. Speaking of 17, 17 states have legalized medical marijuana and the District of Columbia. A special thanks to NORML for all the efforts. Don’t forget, Chicago Marijuana begins August 4, 2012.

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