Strain Type | Chem Dawg #4, Sativa

Chem Dawg #4

Chem Dawg #4

Strain Name: Chem Dawg #4

Grade: A

Type: Sativa Hybrid (60/40%)

Looks: Medium sized buds, flooded with crystals. Great formation.

Smell: A skunky diesel smell, that stings the nostrils. Quite pungent in the best way.

Taste: A zesty lemon diesel flavor.

Effects: Calming and relaxing, great smoke for anytime of the day.

Potency: 9.5/10

Reviewed by: TheClutchMan

Good Strain For: Mild Pain, Stress, Nausea

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4 Responses to “Chem Dawg #4”

  1. Schuylaar says:

    chem4 highly narcotic feel of the chemdawg line..indie dom just took an early sample of my current grow, my face went numb, lights out for a sec lol!!

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  2. LeChaos says:

    ChemDog 4 is an Indica, a very heavy hitting Indica. If what you are smoking is a Sativa, it is NOT Chem Dog #4.

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  3. TheTokahsChamp says:

    i love this smoke grade A stuff like dude said great for any time but at night its really the cherry on top

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  4. TB-303 says:

    Very potent weed. A bit harsh on the lungs and a diesel like aftertaste. Very heady buzz and occular pressure reducer. Works great for pain.

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