Charlie Sheen

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charlie sheen

Strain Name: charlie sheen (a.k.a crack kush)

Grade: A++++

Type: Indica

Genetics: green crack X hindu kush

Looks: bag appeal 10/10, my eyes are 20/

Smell: kinda like cotton candy

Taste: kush, hangs more on the green crack taste, awesome hybrid

Effects: it will have you tweaked out cleaning the house, this strain made me ultra paranoid !

Potency: your here, i am here !WINNING! 2.5 to 3.0 hrs max.

Reviewed by: ruthless toothless

Good Strain For: being active, socializing, not like a kush indica strain, no couck lock here, but you may find yourself picking up the couch to clean under it, with this strain all you experience is a euphoric energy rush

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11 Responses to “Charlie Sheen”

  1. funckmasterkush says:

    Just picked up a gram:)

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  2. B says:

    Where can I get some?

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  3. roger says:

    My wife turn the whole frontroom around

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  4. theycallmehorse says:

    I smoked some of this earlier today, by far my favorite, it’s fantastic! my eyes weren’t red, but I was higher than everest. it made my body feel sound. hahaa. I approve.

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  5. Danbridge says:

    The sweet Charlie Sheen strain gives you a nice clean high. I don’t get sleepy or spaced on this stuff ,yet I am stoned. Energetic, alert and trippen…

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  6. Winner says:

    I’ve been smoking almost every day for 5 years. This strain is THE BEST i’ve ever smoked. I had half a bowl of this stuff and was higher than I would have been from an entire blunt of your average medical. I saw fractals when I closed my eyes and wrote a folk ballad with almost no effort. When I woke up the next morning I was still feeling the effects.

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  7. motablazer420 says:

    Ok i just smoked a bowl & cleaned up my front yard…felt goood. Now to smoke another & hop on MW3

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  8. motablazer420 says:

    I disagree…this is my favorite strain b/c it gives me that high where i feel im melting into my couch lol i have daddy Sheen og, dont know if thats different

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  9. BRandan says:

    hahahhah T never came back it must be good

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  10. T_ says:

    Just picked some of this up! Smells awesome! Waiting for some friends and we are gonna pack some bowls! And then I’ll come back and tell u how that went

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  11. J says:


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