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Kushage Marijuana

Strain Name: Kushage

Grade: A++

Type: Hybrid

Looks: Light but bright Olive Green

Smell: Sweat almost Mushroom sent at rest

Taste: Were one to cal it an aphrodisiac you would not be far from the truth. With very woodsy over tones in the flavor, the delights of a sensual Rivendale may come to lite when smoked through An ice cooled water bong. I highly approve this blend as the “OFFICIAL STRAIN OF ST. VALENTINES DAY” Enjoy young Lovers of all age…

Effects: Aroused, Uplifted, Energetic and Creative

Potency: Hits one very softly; Like a Lovers longing Kiss

Reviewed by: Capt. Jack-Good Med’s

Good Strain For: I highly approve this blend as the “OFFICIAL STRAIN OF ST. VALENTINES DAY” Enjoy young Lovers of all age…


Strain Type Indica, Kushage


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Kushage Marijuana


Strain Name: Kushage

Grade: a

Type: indica. A cross of og kush and sage

Looks: short fat dark green nugs covered with crystals and small hairs

Smell: spicy with sage. Smells like you could use as a rub for cooking.

Taste: one of the best out there. Musky on the inhale and exhale. The taste alone makes this bud a stand out.

Effects: cerebral fading to a great body high.

Potency: strong enough for vets. Beginners will get couch locked

Reviewed by: tay blay in p town Oregon

Good Strain For: insomnia, stress relief, a very relaxing high for patients under high levels of stress. The strain I have is a small producer. I will continue to grow this one. I call it my private reserve. It’s that good.

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Strain Type Indica, Kushage

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