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Strain Name: Snowcap

Grade: B-

Type: Sativa

Looks: The bud is extremely light green at least from what i can tell from under the vast amount of crystals that take up the entire outer coating. Unlike some extremely crystally strains it has a lot of very light peach colored hairs that bulge out of the nug. All the nugs are extremely dense so much so the 1/8th looked like a gram and i had to ask the people at the dispensary if they had calibrated there scale lol.

Smell: The smell is very sweet and strong. It also has a bit of a wet dog smell that is very interesting. This is a room reaker and it will radiate out of any container.

Taste: The taste is quite mild but lingers. It is skunk like with a hint of high octane gasoline. It doesn’t overpower at all and doesn’t last the entire life of the bowl. once a couple of hits are taken the grunt of the taste is gone and it more and more begins to just taste cashed.

Effects: The high is light and in my opinion short lived. Its very up but and cerebral in the beginning but it VERY soon calms way down and it is just a buzz from there on out. I suppose it would be a great strain for anti- anxiety because of its calm light quality. This bud is not great for my knee pain or insomnia so it is not the greatest medicine for myself but it is a good calm smoke.

Reviewed by: str8bongin

snowcap medical marijuana

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