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Route 66

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route 66

Strain Name: Route 66 As knows as: (Jolly rancher)

Grade: B+/-A

Type: Sativa dominant

Effects: (my experience) after a couple hits from my bong, it started off with a very strong and happy head high, i was talking with my grandpa about things i wouldn’t etc. Body wise, you’l start to feel “numb” almost like your head is the only thing that exists. it has a very nice come down , almost like a indica feeling, clear headed and relaxed and ready for more.

Potency: I would have to say 9/10 in high doses, so hit it a couple more times and you’l know what i mean.

Reviewed by: Themaskedman

Good Strain For: anxiety, depression, sometimes “insomnia”, want to go for a hike. being creative, love making.

Me: so well this is my first review. i might edit this for a better review once i get the hang of it ;)

route 66 (jolly rancher)

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