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Strain Name: Headband

Grade: A-

Type: Hybrid – Sativa Dominant

Looks: Buds dense and hairy, a bit spread out.

Smell: Smells like countryside greens not very dank at all.

Taste: A little bit hashy and harsh on the intake, but has a slight incense-like undertone with a strong flavor of lemon on the exhale. Both flavors stick with you after the smoke is gone.

Effects: No motor or thought retardation. Body euphorics, slightly warm muscles, not light or heavy. Very energetic, I feel like I can accomplish things in this state. Increased sensory perception. Definite mood improvement. Does not help very much for muscle pain or nausea. Helps immensely with my headache. Very red eyes, but negligible dry mouth or drowsiness.

Potency: Effects lasted 2 hours

From: CannaMart (colorado)

Reviewed By: In The Blue

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Jock Horror

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Jock Horror

Strain Name: Jock Horror

Grade: B+

Type: Sativa

Looks: Dense squishy buds with massive amounts of orange hairs. Under the orange hairs there is a hint of dark green covered with crystals. When this stuff is broken up there is thick piles of orange hairs.

Smell: Fresh pungent sour mix, lemons, and a hint of sweet skunk.

Taste: Hint of sour and spice. No distinct or unique taste, almost a blah taste. Was hoping for more after killer looks and a unique smell. In the volcano it puts out a smooth vapor, but it is not very thick.

Effects: Day time use. Very energetic feelings without being anxious. Refreshed clear head with an energized body. Good for getting stuff done. I personally prefer something that has more indica in it. This particular strain left me reaching for the indica as a follow up.

Potency: Low – Medium

Reviewed By: Volcanobis

Jock Horror

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Strain Name: Blueberry

Grade: A-

Type: Hybrid

Looks: Medium-Dark green buds with some tan-ish orange hairs. Dense nuggets dusted with golden trichomes. Golden overall appearance.

Smell: Hashy with strong hints of fruit/berries, very strong smelling.

Taste: Sweet and skunky, noticeable blueberry taste on exhale. very subtle tastes of coffee.Blueberry gives thick, smooth smoke.

Effects: Goofy initial high, sets in somewhat slowly. this lasts for the first 15-30 minutes. Then the indica shows its face. Starting behind the eyes, heaviness works its way all the way through your body, relieving any pain you might have. Blueberry will leave you feeling relaxed and ready for a long nap by the time shes run her course.

Potency: Medium

Reviewed By: KindBuds

Strain Type Blueberry, Sativa2 Comments

Strawberry Cough

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strawberry cough pictures

Strain Name: Strawberry Cough

Grade: B+

Type: Hybrid – Sativa Dominant

Looks: Very dense, light to dark green hues, completely covered in trichomes, some orange hairs. Somewhat of a rusty, orange tint to the entire buds.

Smell: Creamy-Berry with a hint of lemon, spices, and skunk.

Taste: Very subtle skunk/berry on the inhale. on the exhale, there is an intense taste of strawberry topping and sweet cream.

Effects: Tickles your throat on the exhale, causing you to cough, which in turn seems to make it set in faster. It is definitely an energetic high. It lets the mind blissfully wander. Definitely a sativa dominant, it promotes clear thoughts and all around happiness, this lasts for about 1-1.5 hours. The comedown is slightly heavy, SC leaves you quite lazy and relaxed by the time it has worn off, especially if it is evening time. This may be accompanied by a mild headache (caused by the coughing).

Potency: Medium-High

Reviewed By: KindBuds

strawberry cough medical marijuana

I Love the fruity berry strains! Great looking buds for sure. Better than most of the strawberry cough(s) I have seen floating around. I would follow up with some strong indica to avoid the coming down headache. -Volcanobis

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