Strain Type | California Dream, Indica

California Dream

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Strain Name: California Dream

Grade: A+++

Type: kush

Looks: crystaly, hairy,

Smell: skunky

Taste: delicious, fruity

Effects: super stone X)

Potency: 98%

Reviewed by: jesse

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6 Responses to “California Dream”

  1. talentz artz says:

    I did this stuff today when I woke up..I’d say u should drink orange juice to feel awesome.. This stuff is really nice it.. Didn’t get high first inhale but for me.. I cough and I know I’m high ah ah.. I was riding my bike and I felt like an angel.. It makes our legs and arms numb as fuck and a headband around us head .. Rate = 102 out of 100

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  2. monica says:

    im having trouble growing mine didnt get big enough to produce barely anything any suggestions…

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  3. krak says:

    Thanks for the review, im on the east coast, so mines from a private dealer, but your description is pretty close to what I got, very cristaly, fruity, and skunky. did I mention crystally? holy fuck theres alot of crystals. does anyone know the genetics of this strain, not alot of info on it for such a nice strain

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  4. hottpotat0 says:

    post up better pics please

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  5. b says:

    I agree with the review on the potency. This is by far the strongest shit I’ve smoked(when grown right). Regardless of whats in my garden, there are always at least 2 CDs in there.

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  6. hottpotat0 says:

    looks nice better pics and a more detailed review for the future :^)
    keep up the good work

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