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Buddahs Love

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Buddahs Love

Strain Name: Buddahs Love

Grade: A+

Type: Hybrid ( Sour Diesel X Buddah Cheese )

Looks: The bud is very light and extremely crystaly. The hairs are a medium brown but just drenched with tasty trichromes. Just from looking at this strain you can tell it will be good.

Smell: The Sour diesel in this strain comes out very strong in the smell. It has that sweet and sour smell that you find with the best grown Sour D. It is also mixed with a intense aroma of bluecheese.

Taste: The taste is my favorite part of this strain. One hit will fill your mouth and nose with a very intense taste that alone delivers a fantastic head rush. The taste is very sour and “Danky”. You are then left with a nice skunky bluecheese flavor that stays with you for a long time.

Effects: Although this is a sativa dominant strain the high is so intense that you can be couch locked by simply thinking to much and dazing off into your own thoughts. The pain relief is top notch because most of the time you are too deep in thought to feel anything. Personally this may be the strongest and best strains i have had in awhile.

Potency: 2-3 hrs

Reviewed by: Str8bongin

buddahs love medical marijuana

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5 Responses to “Buddahs Love”

  1. Mommakim Calvert. . says:

    Seriously a heady high with major couchlock. Only took 2 hits, and was baked. Yet pain free!!!! Reminds me alot of “Blue Cheese”. Tasty. Skunky smell. My high lasted 3 hrs. and was stuck in deep thoughts as described above.

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  2. soulrebel says:

    20yr grower and colorado’s laws killed us so i started a shirt company to keep helping fight multiple sclerosis, -check us out, much respect!

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  3. Rushy says:

    Just got done smoking this out a glass bowl mabey I took three four hits 5 hours ago its just now coming down strait fire. I tast the diesel all day in it. Love it

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  4. bmoresfinest says:

    yea he basically explained dis bud perfect it is sativa dom but had me couch lizockedd great skunky u def smell da cheese some of the better medical ive had gt this n grape kush at sametime kush smelled but not skunky mo fruity grape

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  5. rickbobby says:

    this right here this is whatimtalkin about!!! Look just like this OG kush im blowing!!!!

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