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Bubba Kush

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Bubba Kush

Strain Name: Bubba Kush

Genetics: Bubble Gum x Kush

Grade: A

Type: Dominate Indica

Looks:Very nice dark and light green colours, nice orange hairs popping out all over the nug, plenty of hints of purple and covered in trichromes.

Smell:Very very fruity and pungent. Almost tropical like smell. stanks up the whole room with only a small amount.

Taste: Tastes almost exactly like it smells very fruity and kushy very beautiful smoke.

Effects: makes you cough like a bitch,

Potency: Is the kind of stone where you could just sit and watch nothing for hours. The high lasts for atleast 3 hours depending on how much you smoke, smoke to much and its bed time!

Reviewed by: Logan Smith

Good Strain For:Getting ripped

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10 Responses to “Bubba Kush”

  1. jay says:


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  2. TheDoctor says:

    Man my friend gave me some of this and I had no idea what it was and dayum. Coupla hits from my one hit and I’m already getting a nice buzz.

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  3. Jason waters says:

    I have Been growing my plants for about 10 years now and BubbaKush is one of the best plants I have. It is definitely one of the stronger indacas there is. I am working on a hybrid between Bubba Kush and a pre-98 backcross and After two years I think I have finally sucseeded

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  4. Unclefukker says:

    Picked up an 8th of this for 50, and daaaammmn does this stuff smell good. You could smell it from all the way across the house. Very stony, very numb, very fucking good.

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  5. geckko says:

    Bubba kush is an amazing strain for pain relief, relaxing, and especially sleep. Probably one of the strongest indicas I’ve had.

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  6. j dawg says:

    I want this shit. Anybody know where I can get bubba kush that’s dark like that around dallas texas

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    J-Dub Reply:

    I live in Brenham, Texas and I have a couple off ounces of this stuff.

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  7. BiG'LiPZ says:

    this look like the strain I jus copped an 1/8 of for $60 but since these fools round here [bm0re md outkirtz] don’t even know the name of whichever strain I end up with…. [[ tried comparing pics of diff weed strains w/ “purple” color/orange hairs/med-drkish green w/ a few lighter shades of green, only prob is my strain is not all buds are partially purple [mixed in with the reg (green, no other colors in the bud[s])]

    I live in Baltimore [Middle River] MD -n- along wit TRAINWRECK -n- SOUR D, ect.. this strain is one-of=the-most LEAST “scarce”/MOST seen/sold

    I kno sum peeps used call a strain almost identical @ in appearance mostly along w/ similar smell I believe I recall…..

    If I SEND/POST SUM PICS of this strain [8 megapixels], could SOMEONE possibly ID this particular strain??!!???… Sry I don’t have much more to offer regarding traits/qualities of this [most of MOST buds -n- one w/ no purple visible[most-partially]
    purple-mixed-buds, hairy [orange hairs]

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  8. gwoood says:

    Bubba Kush is actually LA confidential x Sour Diesel bitchez xD

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  9. DrStickyKush says:

    This is truly some great bud. Just hit a couple bong hits and i already feel quite stoned. :D

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